Chapter 463 - Sorry, Please Make Way

Chapter 463 Sorry, Please Make Way.


Chapter 463 – Sorry, Please Make Way

As this voice sounded out, there were constantly responses from surrounding martial artists. It seemed that most of them had also suffered greatly here.

“Lin Ming, they are most likely disciples of Great Zen Temple. Should we have go and have a look?” Mu Qianyu asked Lin Ming.

Lin Ming thought about it for a moment and said, “That sounds like a plan. This forest is too strange, there’s no knowing what could be behind us. We should get out of here before we think about our next course of action.”

After tens of thousands of years of evolution, the situation inside the ancient battlefield had already surpassed everyone’s imagination. In such times, one needed to be extremely cautious. After all, these were the remains of an ancient sixth-grade sect. Lin Ming wasn’t so arrogant that he believed his strength allowed him to go wherever he wanted to.

Most of the marital artists present also thought this. Thus, all of the martial artists that had been scattered around in the forest had gathered to this Great Zen Temple disciple after he shouted out.

Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu walked several miles and finally came upon a forest glade. There were several dozen martial artists gathered here. Some wore golden colored cassocks; these were naturally the disciples...

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