Chapter 461 - Main World

Chapter 461 Main World.


Chapter 461 – Main World

This barrage of attacks continued for half an incense stick of time. Finally, just as many Elders were at the edge of their stamina, a tiny crack appeared on the surface of the space boundary.

After this tiny crack was produced, it began to continually expand. As it approached the level of the seawater, a massive whirlpool appeared. A large amount of seawater was sucked in, vanishing into nothing.

After several breaths of time, there was an explosive sound as if the world itself was cracking apart. The wall of space finally completely broke apart, and a giant vortex appeared out of thin air. It was like a grey spiral over ten feet wide, leading into the endless abyss.

“Hehe, we’ve finally made a connection through the space wall! This old man has lived for a thousand years yet has never experienced something like this before.”

“A space wall is incomparably firm and sturdy. Once it is broken it will be permanently broken. Repairing it is far more difficult than creating it; it should be considered fairly stable!” As Xuan Wuji spoke, he took out a zombie guard puppet from his spatial ring, saying, “Go!”

The zombie guard fearlessly flew...

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