Chapter 460 - Breaking through the Void

Chapter 460 Breaking through the Void.


Chapter 460 – Breaking through the Void

“Nanyun Wang seems to be very interested; it looks like he has much more confidence than during his last jaunt through the ancient battlefield!” Xuan Wuji said, his smile not reaching his eyes. They were both third stage Life Destruction masters. Although he feared Nanyun Wang a bit, it wasn’t excessively so.

It was said Nanyun Wang was originally a martial artist from the common mortal world and lived a bleak and desolate life. However, he seemed to have encountered some sort of heaven defying chance, and experienced a meteoric rise to glory. Afterwards, he joined a third-grade sect within the South Sea.

Because of Nanyun Wang’s overwhelming talent, that third-grade sect had placed the utmost importance on him, not sparing any resources in raising him. They hoped that one day in the future, Nanyun Wang would soar into the heavens and lead their sect to becoming a fourth-grade sect.

However… every so often, a sect’s destiny simply wasn’t equal to the destiny of its geniuses.

Nanyun Wang had amazing talent. However, as a result of his talent being too high, when Nanyun Wang was at the Xiantian realm, he had provoked a great number of...

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