Chapter 459 - Gathering of Lords

Chapter 459 Gathering of Lords.


Chapter 459 – Gathering of Lords

Fire Ax stared at Lin Ming for a long while, and then finally received the gifts. These things were truly practical for him. As for someone like Lin Ming, they were just too basic and low-level. Not to mention that purple and red spear he had used, but even that blood halberd was far beyond what his total net worth was.

“Everyone, this is where we part. Take care.”

As Lin Ming bid goodbye to each member of the Fire Ax Squad that remained, he turned around and flew into the skies like a shimmering rainbow, flying off to distant lands…


The sea was choppy and whirlpools were everywhere. The deep color of the sea gave of an extremely suppressive pressure.

Lin Ming quickly skimmed over the sea, the strong winds that passed him leaving a trail on the surface.

Lin Ming had chosen to walk the path of martial artists. Most of the time he would have to be alone. When he had decided to tread on the road of becoming a master, he had been destined to a lifetime filled with loneliness. However, that didn’t mean that he didn’t long for friendship.

As he flew for around an hour, Lin Ming heard a sound transmitting talisman flicker in front of him, and then Mu Qianyu’s voice passed into his ears. “Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, are you alright?...

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