Chapter 458 - A Storm Is Stirring

Chapter 458 – A Storm Is Stirring

In the great and limitless South Sea, mighty waves raged endlessly and the high sea was turbulent with chaos. In the depths of the South Sea, there were waves that frequently reached hundreds of feet into the air. These large waves would pierce towards the sky, washing even the clouds away. In such a sea, even a 1000 foot long dragon boat would be thrown around like a leaf in a storm.

The water depth there was difficult to calculate. In ancient times, there were Sacred Beasts like the Giant Leviathan with a 1000 mile body that lived in the South Sea. Thus, it could be seen just how deep the South Sea was.

Within the deep sea, there were winding mountain ranges on the seabed that were thousands of miles long. Within the canyons of these mountain ranges were glowing blue barriers of light. Within these light barriers, one could see tall and great buildings, vast swathes of underwater forests as well as broad plazas.

Within a grand temple among the buildings, there were six or seven bluish black-skinned humans sitting around a square stone table. They didn’t look any different from normal people, except they were covered with dark blue scales and their nails were especially sharp and long.

They were the dominant overlords of the nearby several million...

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