Chapter 457 - Ancient Transmission Array

Chapter 457 Ancient Transmission Array.


Chapter 457 – Ancient Transmission Array

Elder Zhou and everyone else’s reactions were well within Xuan Yuqie’s expectations; who wouldn’t be tempted by something like this?

After she had the Elders hungrily hanging onto her words, she slowly said, “The Nirvana Dragon Root can increase the chances of crossing Life Destruction by 20 to 30%. Not just that, but… the enhancement is permanent!”

20-30% increased chances, permanently!

This so called ‘permanence’ was that after successfully washing the marrow, every time one attempted to cross through the stages of Life Destruction, their chances would increase by 20-30%, all the way until they successfully broke through to the Divine Sea realm!

Elder Zhou felt as if he was going crazy. 20-30% seemed like an astounding exaggeration, not to mention that this was a permanent increase.

Normally, those martial artists that could cultivate to the Life Destruction boundary were all top talents. Of course, even among the top talents there were differences. Those that had a better foundation had a greater chance of crossing Life Destruction. As for those that had a worse foundation, their chances might be just 10-20%.

Elder Zhou wasn’t considered too bad. With his original 40-50% chances, along...

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