Chapter 456 - Nirvana Dragon Root

Chapter 456 Nirvana Dragon Root.


Chapter 456 – Nirvana Dragon Root

Lin Ming did have the overwhelming upper hand against Xuan Chang. However, this was just in a battle with the two of them.

If this battle spread to both sides, then no matter how powerful Lin Ming was, he still wouldn’t be able to overcome the overwhelming numerical advantage that the South Sea Demon Region had. It was impossible for him to single-handedly defeat 100 to 200 Xiantian masters and half-step Xiantian masters, not to mention that there were also still the Demon Region’s Big Three powerhouses.

“Is Xuan Chang afraid?”

“He’s actually begging for mercy publicly?”

“Is the Blood Demon that fearful?”

“What is going on here?”

Violet Rain glanced at Fire Ax and whispered, “Xuan Chang probably knows who Wild Halberd is…”

When Xuan Chang had first exchanged blows with Lin Ming, his expression had completely changed and he had begun to sweat from his forehead, as if he had discovered something terrible. The most reasonable explanation for this was that Xuan Chang had recognized just who Wild Halberd was, and there was something about him that caused Xuan Chang to be afraid.

“Perhaps…” Fire Ax mumbled as he ruefully smiled. As he glanced at Wild Halberd again, whether it was origin or background, it simply...

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