Chapter 455 - I Was Impulsive

Chapter 455 I Was Impulsive.


Chapter 455 – I Was Impulsive

Although Xuan Chang was proud, since this involved his life, he still wasn’t above admitting defeat and apologizing in the presence of everyone. This was something he was still willing to do. However, what Xuan Chang was afraid of was that even if he capitulated and apologized, Lin Ming would still bear a grudge against him in the future.

Perhaps in several years, or even less, Lin Ming would be able to crush him like an ant. At that time, his life or death would all depend on Lin Ming’s mood! Xuan Chang was unwilling to hand his fate over to others like this.

Xuan Chang clenched his teeth and gripped the blood halberd in his hands. He didn’t need Nightmare’s soul attack to wound Lin Ming. As long as Lin Ming hesitated for just a second… he would be able to kill him!

“Nightmare, when I attack, you join in; use everything you have to kill him, leave nothing behind! Otherwise, we won’t have another chance!”

Xuan Chang had an extremely grim expression. This sort of attack that took one by surprise could only be used once. The second time, Lin Ming would have protective measures in place and there wouldn’t be much of an effect. And if he escaped in advance, then in this broken world full of space cracks and other dangers, whether it...

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