Chapter 454 - The Title of Blood Demon

Chapter 454 The Title of Blood Demon.


Chapter 454 – The Title of Blood Demon

In the midst of the battlefield, Lin Ming held the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. The 10 foot long blood halberd extended straight out. The two foot long blade edge gleamed with a cold light, and the pole was like a thick python.

At that moment, the figure of Lin Ming standing there was like a deadly halberd. His aura was staggering and his flowing murderous intent was breathtaking!

All of the surrounding martial artists trembled at this presence. If Lin Ming had just barely managed to defend against Xuan Chang’s probing strike, they would have been able to accept that. But now Xuan Chang had used a martial skill and Lin Ming had still blocked it, instead forcing Xuan Chang to take several steps back. This was simply unbelievable.

It had to be known that Lin Ming’s cultivation was more than an entire boundary worse than Xuan Chang’s!

How could such a person have been unknown and unremarkable all this time?

Violet Rain bit her lips, her eyes shining, “Captain, has Wild Halberd been hiding his cultivation?”

Fire Ax was silent, hiding his cultivation? If Wild Halberd wanted to hide his cultivation in front of them, that could only be possible if his cultivation was higher. But now, it looked like even Xuan Chang had recognized that...

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