Chapter 453 - Ten Breaths of Time

Chapter 453 Ten Breaths of Time.


Chapter 453 – Ten Breaths of Time

At this crucial moment, everyone realized that they were being treated as cannon fodder, and no one wanted to stand out. Some martial artists already held onto their weapons, their true essence faintly flowing.

The red-haired youth’s eyes flashed with light, “I’ll give you ten breaths of time, otherwise, all those Houtian realm martial artists who do not walk will be executed! Do not presume that you can muddle your way through this mess; I can sense all of your cultivations.” This icy voice contained a very strong killing intent.

Under the shadow of this killing intent, some Houtian realm martial artists felt their foreheads begin to ooze sweat and their knees bending with weakness.

They were only normal peak Houtian martial artists. Against this extreme Xiantian red-haired youth that came from a fifth-grade sect, the disparity between them was simply too great.

This red-haired youth could kill instantly kill any one of them with just a thought.

“Ten!” The red-haired youth yawned.

At this moment, a Houtian martial artist angrily shouted out not too far away from the red-haired youth, “You can dream on if you think we will help you! We would rather die than become stones that...

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