Chapter 452 - Hidden Death Traps

Chapter 452 Hidden Death Traps.


Chapter 452 – Hidden Death Traps

The Wartime Alliance martial artists quickly grabbed their weapons. The situation was critical. In terms of quality of martial artists, the scattered free soldiers of the Wartime Alliance were inferior to those of the South Sea Demon Region. The only advantage they had was in their overwhelming numbers.

But within the swirling space storm, everyone that was weak had either fallen into the abyss or died. Because of this, the losses that the Wartime Alliance had suffered were much worse than those of the South Sea Demon Region.

Lu Huo’s forehead was dripping sweat; this situation was really, really awful.

The white-haired Nightmare grinned wickedly as he looked at the martial artists of the Wartime Alliance. That look was like he was glancing at fish on a cutting board. He tilted his head and said to the red-haired youth, “Sir Envoy, let’s clear up this trash first. If we encounter some sort of crisis or danger in this world, they might take advantage to retaliate against us.”

The red-haired youth from the South Sea Demon Region appeared dark and ominous. Countless rocks floated in the air around him, giving him a solemn aura. His background was from the South Sea Demon Region, so his experience was naturally much broader and richer than Nightmare, Blood Bone, and Viper’s.

He could faintly sense that they had been drawn into an independent space!

This sort of space might not even have an exit!

If he were stranded for the rest of his life in such a space… thinking of this, the red-haired youth’s complexion became ugly. He was a rising star with a great and bright future, he didn’t want to die in such a damned land!

“Sir Envoy, do you think…” Nightmare saw that the red-haired youth didn’t respond, so he asked again.

“Silence!” The red-haired youth was in an extremely bad mood at the moment.

As Nightmare was yelled at by the red-haired youth, he was a bit taken aback. To someone of his level, nearly everyone that saw him had to be respectful. Since when was he the one that was scolded by others? But facing the red-haired youth, he could only endure this shame. Not to mention the red-haired youth’s strength, but many of the current Demon Region martial artists were direct descendant disciples of the South Sea Demon Region.

At this moment, the red-haired youth was no longer in the mood to care about Nightmare’s thoughts nor about the war between Divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region. He had a premonition that the reason they were sucked into this unknown space was related to the secret mission that the South Sea Demon Region Elders had been preoccupied with!

Those six blood-colored beams of light that shot up from Blood Demon Island and Dark Moon Island were most certainly due to the actions of the sect Elders.

Perhaps even the offensive was related to the secret mission of the sect Elders. Otherwise, there was no point in launching such a senseless attack.

“These old geezers actually used me as cannon fodder!” The red-haired youth gripped his fists, his expression grim.

The red-haired youth heavily exhaled and then glanced over to the Wartime Alliance martial artists, “Which one of you is the leader here?”

The Wartime Alliance martial artists all looked at Lu Huo.

Lu Huo’s heart cried out in complaint. He was only the nominal leader. In truth, he had a very weak command over the others. Everyone here were free martial artists, and they also had the nature and bearing of mercenaries. Just who would listen to him? At this time, who would help cover for him?

Lu Huo braced himself and said, “I am.”

The red-haired youth looked over Lu Huo. Lu Huo’s cultivation was at the extreme Xiantian realm, however, his foundation was shaky and weak. He was the sort of strength that had accumulated slowly over the ages, just barely tracing the extreme Xiantian realm. His true combat strength was limited.

“We will have a truce for now. First, we have to leave this damned place. But until then, all of you have to listen to me, otherwise I don’t mind killing you all!” As the red-haired youth spoke, he naturally emitted a murderous aura. All of the surrounding Wartime Alliance martial artists had weak cultivations. In front of this presence, they felt their breath catch in their throat, as if the surrounding temperature had suddenly chilled.

Lu Huo didn’t have any room to reject such a proposal. He remained silent, tacitly agreeing.

“Now, all of you move together. If you discover anything out of the ordinary then inform me! Especially anything related to that energy vortex!”

The energy vortex was the entrance to this different space. Now, the red-haired youth could only count on finding the vortex of energy to return to his own world.

As Blood Bone, Viper, and Nightmare saw the grim expression of the red-haired youth, they looked at each other and didn’t say anything further. It was obvious their situation was serious beyond their imagination – this place was not simple at all!

Lin Ming hid among the crowd, seeming unremarkable. He slowly realized that this was a different space. If he couldn’t leave, then he would be stuck here for the rest of his life. There wasn’t anything better than letting the red-haired youth search for an exit out of this place.

“Wild Halberd, hey! It’s really you!”

A voice resounded from among the crowd. Lin Ming turned his head to see the bearded big fellow from the Fire Ax Squad, it seemed that he had lived too. This was also within his expectations. Although the bearded big fellow didn’t have a high cultivation, he could still go crazy and kill martial artists at this level. His protective true essence was also quite formidable.

“Wild Halberd, I knew you’d be alright!”

Another voice sounded out, and Lin Ming turned to see Captain Fire Ax walking towards him. At Fire Ax’s side were Dark Sword, Violet Rain and Enchanting Shadow, all of them safe. Although Enchanting Shadow’s expression was a bit white, she was still relatively unharmed.

However, Cool Foam, Green Tree and Green Forest were all missing…

Lin Ming’s mind sank. These three were martial artists with specialized roles – their combat strength wasn’t too high. He feared that they hadn’t been able to withstand the space storm.

Fire Ax sighed and said, “In the offensive, Cool Foam, Green Tree and Green Forest all had limited combat strength, thus I told them to stay in the rear where it was safer. I never thought that… South Aurora Island would collapse…”

Fire Ax didn’t say anything else. Whether it was that gaping abyss or the space storm after, both were fatal to them.

Violet Rain and Enchanting Shadow also appeared somber and gloomy.

Only the bearded big fellow was happily smiling. He said, “That Cool Foam kid is a once in a millennium punk, how could he die so easily? Also, he has a spirit boat in his possession!”

Cool Foam’s perception was quite strong, and he was the one that drove the Fire Ax Squad’s spirit boat. Naturally, the spirit boat would be in his spatial ring.

However even the protective true essence of a martial artist wasn’t able to withstand the tearing power of the space storm, much less a spirit boat.

Lin Ming sighed. This was the cruelty of war. These Fire Ax Squad members were all used to seeing life and death before their eyes, and before he had come, they had probably replaced their old comrades many times.

Lin Ming was silent, not speaking. Violet Rain, Enchanting Shadow, and Big Beard were also muted.

But at this moment, a miserable scream suddenly sounded out from in front of them. Lin Ming was surprised, and he instantly spread out his perception. His heart immediately went cold. At the front, an early Xiantian master had been sliced apart by something. His body fell away in two halves, and he spewed blood all over the ground!

“What is that?”

Lin Ming was suddenly on full alert. A held spear was easy to dodge, but a trap was difficult to prevent. This sort of sneak attack that could evade all perception was the most horrifying sort of attack!

Sou! Sou!

In the center of the group, several people quickly flew overhead, arriving where the martial artist had violently died. These were the Demon Region’s Big Three as well as the red-haired youth.

As the red-haired youth saw the two split halves of the body, his expression turned grim again.

The wound started from the dead man’s right ribcage, cutting at a slant through his chest and body and being pulled through the left side of his waist. It was like he had been cut apart by a sharp saber.

He wasn’t able to sense anything even though he spread out his perception.

The red-haired youth’s eyebrows trembled. At this time, he suddenly seemed to realize something. His complexion completely changed, and he began to slowly retreat backwards. Could it be…

Suddenly, the red-haired youth grabbed a Wartime Alliance martial artist and threw him to the front!


The martial artist miserably screamed, and then an incredulous scene occurred. As that martial artist flew through the air, his body was strangely torn apart. Like a carrot thrown on a sharp wire, he was cut in half!

Peng! Peng!

The two halves of the corpse fell onto the ground, blood splashing everywhere!

The surrounding martial artist were mostly from the Wartime Alliance. All of their expressions changed. At this time, they simply couldn’t be angered by their comrade being thrown to his death. They could only feel absolute fear from being so close to this unknown was that like a god of death.

The red-haired youth’s expression was solemn and grim. So it really was a space crack. In this collapsing world, having massive space cracks was normal. These space cracks couldn’t be seen nor could they be sensed. But, once they were hit, even an extreme Xiantian martial artist would be cut in half!

Although the red-haired youth was arrogant, he wasn’t crazy to the point that he believed he could resist being sliced in half by the space crack!

These undetectable cracks that spread through the air were like an invisible death god that opened its maw wide, waiting to swallow any life delivered to it.

Since he couldn’t investigate, there was only one way to explore the way forth. The red-haired youth coldly said, “All the Houtian martial artists from the Wartime Alliance immediately go to the front of the group. Hurry up!”

With these words, all of the Wartime Alliance martial artists around the red-haired youth turned furious. Just now, the red-haired youth had killed their companion, regarding his life as worthless. And now, he also wanted to use the Houtian masters of the Wartime Alliance as cannon fodder! At this time, being thrown to the front to explore the way couldn’t even be described as a zero percent chance of survival!

What happened once all the Houtian martial artists died? Would it be the turn of the Wartime Alliance’s Xiantian martial artists?

All of the Wartime Alliance martial artists felt a fire igniting in their hearts.

Lin Ming frowned. His cultivation was at the Houtian realm, and Enchanting Shadow was also at the Houtian realm. At this time he saw Enchanting Shadow lose all color in her face, and a trace of despair clouded her eyes. She could already imagine just what her fate would be like. But if they didn’t follow orders, who would be able to resist the South Sea Demon Region?

Enchanting Shadow subconsciously looked at Lin Ming. These months, no matter what danger they encountered, Lin Ming had always remained calm. In her mind, she had already formed an omnipotent halo around Lin Ming.

Not just that, but Lin Ming was also a Houtian realm martial artist. He would face this calamity alongside her.

“Do not move from the line.” Lin Ming calmly said. His right hand was already pressed against his spatial ring.

“Right, don’t move. Our strength is truly weaker than theirs, but we won’t be pushed around either!” Fire Ax said as he grit his teeth.


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