Chapter 452 - Hidden Death Traps

Chapter 452 Hidden Death Traps.


Chapter 452 – Hidden Death Traps

The Wartime Alliance martial artists quickly grabbed their weapons. The situation was critical. In terms of quality of martial artists, the scattered free soldiers of the Wartime Alliance were inferior to those of the South Sea Demon Region. The only advantage they had was in their overwhelming numbers.

But within the swirling space storm, everyone that was weak had either fallen into the abyss or died. Because of this, the losses that the Wartime Alliance had suffered were much worse than those of the South Sea Demon Region.

Lu Huo’s forehead was dripping sweat; this situation was really, really awful.

The white-haired Nightmare grinned wickedly as he looked at the martial artists of the Wartime Alliance. That look was like he was glancing at fish on a cutting board. He tilted his head and said to the red-haired youth, “Sir Envoy, let’s clear up this trash first. If we encounter some sort of crisis or danger in this world, they might take advantage to retaliate against us.”

The red-haired youth from the South Sea Demon Region appeared dark and ominous. Countless rocks floated in the air around him, giving him...

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