Chapter 451 - The World is About To Collapse

Chapter 451 The World is About To Collapse.


Chapter 451 – The World is About To Collapse

Lin Ming looked at the massive swirling gray vortex beneath his feat, his eyes filled with bewilderment. As he extended his sense into the vortex, it was immediately cut off; it was just as if there was another world that existed behind that gray vortex.

A terrifying dragging force suddenly erupted from the vortex, affecting everyone. At this time, the surrounding space seemed to transform into a separate dimension – it was impossible to escape!

Even the overweeningly arrogant red-haired youth turned white.

Just what was going on!?

Those six massive beams of light from a moment ago seemed to have come from where the sect Elders were gathered. What had happened over there?

Hong hong hong!

The entire South Aurora Island was being crushed and torn apart. The turbulent sea crazily surged, turning into massive waves that towered in the sky. These waves were then sucked into the vortex, completely disappearing.

As the towing force grew stronger, all of the Xiantian masters that had flown into the sky began to be forcefully slowed down. Gradually they were forced to a halt by this immense force, and then they slowly began to be pulled into the swirling vortex!


A late Houtian realm martial...

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