Chapter 449 - Ancient Battlefield

Chapter 449 Ancient Battlefield.


Chapter 449 – Ancient Battlefield

“He has some secret he’s afraid others will discover?” The skinny martial artist’s heart stirred.

“That Blood Demon probably has an extreme Xiantian cultivation; around the same as you, me, and Nightmare. If he wants to kill us, it will be too difficult. If we want to kill him, it won’t be easy either! I discovered that whenever the Blood Demon killed others, he would suck dry their blood essence. Most likely he is cultivating some sort of devil art. I even think he might be someone from the South Sea Demon Region who’s killing those like him in order to improve his devil arts.”

“Mm?” The skinny martial artist’s complexion changed. If this was true, then it was a serious matter. “Viper, should we report this?”

“Heh, those at top won’t even bother with us. These past days, those Revolving Core Elders have all been busy with some important event. As for what it is, I’m not too sure. They simply don’t have time to deal with something so minor like South Aurora Island.” Viper calmly said. For the last half year or so, the South Sea Demon Region had been deadlocked with the Wartime Alliance and hadn’t been able to advantage. Instead, both forces fought, causing massive amounts of death.

The most...

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