Chapter 447 - Might of the Halberd Arts

Chapter 447 Might of the Halberd Arts.


Chapter 447 – Might of the Halberd Arts

Two months later, at the edge of the spiritual forest, the South Sea Demon Region had just established a new stronghold here 10 days ago. The edge of the spiritual forest was a relatively safe location.

The moon was bright in the sky, the stars shined, and in the forest, the sounds of conversation drifted through the trees.

“That damn Blood Demon, he really makes everyone uneasy. I don’t know he is, but he’s really messing with us. Every three or four days we have to change location.” The one who spoke was a black-armored man who held a spear in his hands.

This black armor and spear were common battlefield equipment given to soldiers of the South Sea Demon Region. The Blood Demon that the black-armored man spoke of was a mysterious killer that had haunted the South Sea Demon Region martial artists for the past few months; everyone panicked at his name. This person was vicious, savage, and every time he killed someone he would suck out all of their blood essence. This was why he was given the name Blood Demon.

Another black-armored martial artist shook his head and said, “There’s nothing to complain about, this is simply what war is like. Our side’s Blood Bone, Viper,...

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