Chapter 446 - Demon Emperor’s Letter

Chapter 446 Demon Emperor’s Letter.

Chapter 446 – Demon Emperor’s Letter


A blazing electric light illuminated the night sky, the second zombie guard was also slain under Violet Rain’s sword!

Seeing this, the black-armored captain felt his heart go completely cold.

He had to run, otherwise even he would die here!

“Split up and escape!”

As the black-armored captain shouted out this order with difficulty, his swept out his lance, knocking back an incoming ax and then turned around and ran.

The other martial artists also turned tail and fled.

How could the Fire Ax Squad let them escape so easily? Enchanting Shadow, Big Beard, Dark Sword, and all the others immediately went all out in their attacks. Several black-armored martial artists were pressed down, unable to run.


Violet Rain slashed out with her sword and purple thunder flashed in the dark, severely injuring a black-armored warrior. To take such heavy damage at this time meant that they could only wait there to die.

Lin Ming also flung out a few arcs of electricity. Two black-armored martial artist were struck by them, and their bodies went completely numb for a moment. The bearded big fellow laughed and said, “Wild Halberd, well done!”

The heavy saber cut down and a head flew high!


The black-armored captain’s heart bled as he heard the miserable screams from behind. But there was nothing he could do. If he slowed his pace by even a bit, Fire Ax would catch up to him!

“Haha, how fun!” The last peak Houtian black-armored martial artist was killed by the joint effort of Enchanting Shadow and the bearded big fellow. The black-armored squad’s last Xiantian martial artist was also exterminated by Dark Sword and Violet Rain’s combined attack.

Besides the captain, the entire black-armored squad had been completely wiped out!

Fire Ax hadn’t been able to block the black-armored captain from escaping. If he pursued too deep into this spiritual forest, he was bound to encounter some lurking danger.

“Record the military exploits and then we’ll go!”

As Fire Ax issued his order, the bearded big fellow and the rest took out their military medals and began to record the military exploit points they would receive.

“What about these people?” Enchanting Shadow pointed to the edge of the battlefield where a group of frightened slaves were trembling in fear. These slaves looked to be around 20 years old, and some even looked 14 or 15 years old. Whether it was the men or the women, they all had slender bodies and delicate features.

“Bring them with along. They are part of the Forest Fairy race; they’ve been slaves since birth.” As Fire Ax said this he sighed. A race that was born to be slaves was truly a sorrowful tale.

“Forest Fairy?” Lin Ming was a bit taken aback. After he left the Divine Phoenix Province, Lin Ming became increasingly aware of just how vast and complex the Sky Spill Continent was.

“They have some bloodline relationship to the Fey race. The Fey, whether it is men or women, are born extremely beautiful. After they were plundered by the South Sea Demon Region and brought up in captivity, and their mindset is no different from slaves’. Those with high talent are even used by others to practice their devil arts.”

Lin Ming felt his heart quiver in sympathy. To be reared like an animal in captivity… this fate was truly pitiful.

“Let’s collect the medicinal herbs and board the spirit boat, it’s best not to stay here too long.”

These medicinal herbs from the spiritual forest were naturally good materials; of coruse they wouldn’t leave it out here to rot.

As they boarded the spirit boat, the bearded big fellow glanced at the seven military medals as well as the piles of herbs. He heartily laughed and said, “Big Brother, we’ve hit the jackpot this time!”

“Mm, we’ve gotten a great harvest this time?” Fire Ax also couldn’t conceal a happy smile, “Oh, I forgot to ask since we we’re in a hurt, but our strength should have been inferior to them; just how did you win?”

Fire Ax had been completely concentrated on his fight with the enemy captain. In a battle between masters, diverting his attention even a bit meant a possible catastrophe; he simply wasn’t able to notice anything else on the battlefield.

“Big Beard killed the most, ask him.” Enchanting Shadow threw her hands up. From start to finish, she  had only killed a single black-armored martial artist.

Big Beard scratched his head in embarrassment, “Oh I don’t know. I chopped at them with my saber and they all died!”

“Mm?” Fire Ax frowned. How could this be possible? All of those black-armored martial artists had a very high combat strength.

“Violet Rain, how did you win?”

Fire Ax remembered that Violet Rain had killed two peak early Xiantian realm zombie guards by herself. Although it was well established that the power of thunder restrained corpses and ghosts, the suppressive effects shouldn’t have been so great. Originally, Fire Ax would have been happy if Violet Rain was able to stall the two zombie guards for a moment.

“Well…this is all thanks to Wild Halberd.” Violet Rain turned to smiled at Lin Ming, “Wild Halberd first attacked the zombie guard’s eyes to save me. Then, he fused his power of thunder into my body to strengthen the power of my martial skill. Wild Halberd is definitely a genius from some large sect; his Thunder Soul is even better than mine.”

As Violet Rain spoke, everyone was startled. Wild Halberd’s Thunder Soul was even stronger than Violet Rain’s? Violet Rain’s Thunder Soul was a high-grade human-step Thunder Soul. If Lin Ming’s was better, that meant that his Thunder Soul was at the peak of the high-grade human-step level. Or, perhaps it even approached the earth-step.

A Thunder Soul was far more precious and valuable than a Flame Essence. If a martial artist didn’t have a deep background it was basically impossible for them to obtain this level of Thunder Soul.

And even in a large sect or family clan, if one didn’t have enough talent, then no one would waste such precious resources on them.

So, there was only one possibility, and that was that Lin Ming was a top talent from a large sect or family clan. This sort of talent would absolutely have the combat strength of a half-step Xiantian martial artist at just the late Houtian realm; he could even protect himself in front of a Xiantian master.

Thinking of this, everyone began looked towards Lin Ming with eagerness in their eyes. In this brutal and violent war, if a strong new companion was added to their squad, that meant that their chances of surviving would be that much higher. And from the looks of it, Lin Ming had great potential to grow.

“Wild Halberd, you must have participated in life or death battles before. Otherwise, there’s no way you could be so calm; your aim is even better than mine!” Violet Rain was naturally referring to the two small bolts of lightning that Lin Ming had shot out to injure the zombie guard’s eyes. This move appeared simple, but Violet Rain knew that it wasn’t something she could accomplish in a similar situation.

“Mm, I’ve been in a few tight situations before.”

“Haha, you should have said so earlier! You made me worry over you in vain. I thought that you were some new rookie that hadn’t seen true battle yet.” The bearded big fellow gently patted Lin Ming’s shoulder. Normally, a martial artist trained in a sect would have a great deal of experience fighting. However, they would rarely have experienced true life or death struggles. In times of peace, there wouldn’t be others at the same level that tried to kill them.

Everyone returned to base in a jubilant and ecstatic mood. During this battle, they had obtained complete victory without losing anyone on their side. They had also obtained a massive amount of military exploit points and precious herbs.

However, what they didn’t know was that the seven black-armored martial artists that were killed by them were all arranged onto a list of names. This list of names passed through several hands and was finally delivered to an isolated island deep within the South Sea Demon Region.

Of course, this list was just a trivial one in a thick stack that just wasn’t worth mentioning.


A pair of long black fingernails came down with a heavy slap atop the stack of papers.

“In these past 10 days, within the South Horizon Region, Five Element Region, and us, there have been a total of 80 Xiantian martial artists and over 400 Houtian martial artists that have died!”

The owner of this hand was a handsome and middle-aged man. He had a feminine air whenever he spoke. If one just listened to this voice, it would be hard to tell whether this person was a man or a woman.

“What’s the matter; you aren’t satisfied with these figures?” A lazy voice sounded out from in front of the feminine man; the one who spoke was an enchanting beauty that was reclining back in a relaxed posture. It wasn’t known what material her clothes were made of, but she was tightly wrapped in shining, black leather. Her collar was exaggerated to outrageous proportions, and stood up very high. The collar extended deeply, all the way to the bottom of her stomach, revealing a good portion of her round and plump snow-white breasts, causing the imaginations of anyone who looked to run wild. At her throat hung a small red snake. If it weren’t for the fact that it flicked out its tongue every now and then, it would really seem as if this small red snake was a necklace.

This woman was the Sovereign of the South Sea Demon Region’s Western Faction. Although she had a sexy and enchanting appeal, the truth was that she was immeasurably cruel and merciless; she could kill without batting an eye.

“This figure is indeed lacking, but….we can also improvise still. After all, we aren’t ready yet. Take your time, we aren’t in a hurry.

The enchanting woman laughed, her laughter were as clear as silver bells ringing, “You should hurry up the preparations. If things drag on, then that old bag Mu Fengxian might come here to see what the problem is!”

“Humph, that Mu Fengxian is a mere first order Life Destruction. Even if she knew what happened, there is nothing she can do! This past year she’s paid every price to create alliances and make war preparations within the South Sea. She even organized the Wartime Alliance. It’s as if she thinks my South Sea Demon Region really cares about her little island’s resources and women!”

“Hohohaha!" The enchanting woman laughed in a salacious manner. “Would you say that you aren’t tempted by that proud pair within Divine Phoenix Island – Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun?”

“Those two women…hehe……” The feminine man licked his lips, “I really do want them, but it’s not worth the price! Not just that….but their cultivation is too low. Once they break through to the Revolving Core realm, plundering them and ravaging them will be much more interesting!”

“But having said that, that old fool Mu Fengxian has been diligent in helping me prepare. All those martial artists who have joined the Wartime Alliance make the best fertilizer.”

“Mu Fengxian isn’t an idiot! Don’t look down on her, otherwise we will suffer a loss. If it weren’t for the fact that the last time we entered the South Sea Ancient Mystic Realm and obtained the ancient Devil Tome and the jade slip with the Demon Emperor’s letter, then we would never have know so many secrets.”

As the enchanting woman spoke to here, the feminine man’s expression sank. As she mentioned the ancient Devil Tome, the feminine man could not help but remember his disciple Xuan Ji.

Xuan Ji was his personal disciple and also his great grandson. After they had entered the Ancient Mystic realm and obtained the ancient Devil Tome and Demon Emperor’s letter, the feminine man had immediately cultivated the ancient Devil Tome to the third layer. After he had cultivated enough, he was just barely able to reproduce the first layer of the ancient Devil Tome so that Xuan Ji could practice it.

The feminine man had a harem with over 3000 beauties and he was also over a thousand years old. He had countless sons, grandsons, and an even greater amount of great grandsons. However, Xuan Ji had been different from all of them. Xuan Ji had inherited the perfect Giant Demon bloodline, his talent was almost at the eighth-grade, and he had an astonishingly high thunder origin energy fusion compatibility. He had cultivated the halberd arts within the ancient Devil Tome and with just his early Houtian cultivation, he was able to compare to an early Xiantian master’s combat strength. It could be said that he was the greatest talent that the South Sea Demon Region had seen for the last 500 years!

The feminine man had personally taught Xuan Ji. He hoped to raise Xuan Ji into a Divine Sea Supreme Elder, and once again restore the majesty that the South Sea Demon Region had experienced 3000 years ago.

But delicate flowers grown in the greenhouse could not withstand the wind and rain. When Xuan Ji was 15, the feminine man had sent him out to adventure and experience the world. But, Xuan Ji did not disappoint him. He had obtained the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder by himself during his adventures, and his cultivation had broken through to the Houtian realm, further increasing his strength.

But, no one had expected that he would actually fall at the hands of a youth named Lin Ming! All of the efforts that the feminine man had spent for the last many years had been completely wasted!

How could he not hate!

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