Chapter 445 - Behead

Chapter 445 Behead.


Chapter 445 – Behead


Violet Rain’s kick sent the zombie guard flying away. With some disbelief, she turned around to look at Lin Ming in surprise.

Violet Rain was extremely sensitive to thunder energy changes. A moment ago, it was clearly this youth’s lightning strike that had delayed the zombie guard’s attack! This thunder attack wasn’t strong – it had only been one tenth of the power of thunder that she had released. But even though the power of thunder was weak, it was unusually concentrated and sharp. Once it was shot into the zombie guard’s eyes, it was able to completely disrupt its attack!

To have such precise control and accurate judgement on the battlefield… Violet Rain couldn’t believe it. Was this really a new recruit?

“Wild Halberd, you…” Violet Rain didn’t know what to say at this time.

“Senior-apprentice Sister Violet rain, they come.” Lin Ming coolly said. The power he had displayed just a moment ago wasn’t strong, it was just that the utilization was clever; it wasn’t enough to arouse any suspicious.

Violet Rain clenched her teeth and suppressed any questions she had. She turned round to meet the two zombie guards. Of the two zombie guards, one had been struck hard by Violet Rain and the other one’s eyes had been injured by Lin Ming. However, neither of them had suffered any great losses.

As Lin Ming saw Violet Rain courageously rush up to meet the two zombie guards, he sighed. In the end, Violet Rain was only from a small sect; the grade of the Thunder Soul she had absorbed was low. Because of this, her attack power was also low. Even if Lin Ming created a good opportunity for her to attack, Violet Rain wouldn’t be able to cause heavy damage to the two zombie guards.

This fight couldn’t drag on for too long, Lin Ming had to find an opening. Otherwise, the Fire Ax Squad members might have casualties. These past few days, the Fire Ax Squad had been very kind to Lin Ming. Lin Ming didn’t want any of them to fall here.

Xiu! Xiu!

Violet Rain slashed out twice in a row. Because she was inspired by Lin Ming, this time she chose to target the zombie guard’s eyes.

However, this wasn’t as simple as Violet Rain thought it would be. The electricity that shot into the zombie guard’s eyes injured it, but it still mercilessly attacked Violet Rain as before.

In fact, zombie guards didn’t rely on their eyes to sense the enemy. They used their perception to feel the enemy’s ‘life force’. Even if they didn’t have eyes, they would still be able to determine the exact location of their enemies.

Violet Rain and the zombie guard attacked each other twice, and she was forced back several times. She began to feel some panic in her heart. What Lin Ming had done a moment ago seemed simple, but now that she tried it herself, how was the result like this?

Lin Ming said, “Senior-apprentice Sister Violet Rain, I will infuse the power of thunder into your body and coordinate with you, it may have a good effect.”

There was no other way. Violet Rain’s attack power was simply too low. If the battle dragged on, she would be killed by the zombie guards after a war of attrition. Lin Ming could use this method in order to increase Violet Rain’s attack power.

“Alright, assist me.” Violet Rain deeply looked at Lin Ming. She had already recognized that this little junior-apprentice brother of hers was not simple at all.

As Violet Rain flicked the sword in her hands, the electric net around her suddenly contracted, now only protecting her own body instead of also covering Lin Ming. Violet Rain understood now that Lin Ming probably didn’t need the electrical net to protect himself, what she had done was purely superfluous. If she gathered the power of thunder closer to her, she would be able to increase her attack power by a bit.


The two zombie guards rushed towards Violet Rain at the same time. After several exchanges of blows, their bodies were already burnt black. Even though nearly all their corpse energy was burnt away, their bodies were still as hard as a treasure, and they were fundamentally undamaged.

“Thunder Shock Sword!”

A dazzling blue bird manifested atop Violet Rain’s longsword again. At the same time, Lin Ming pressed his hand against Violet Rain’s back. Power of thunder that contained the will of the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder began to continuously flow into Violet Rain’s body.

Although Lin Ming was suppressing his strength and he only poured a very small amount of power of thunder into Violet Rain’s body, in terms of purity, it was far above what Violet Rain’s low grade Thunder Soul could compare with.

If Violet Rain’s power of thunder was a sword, then the bit of power of thunder that Lin Ming had poured into her was like covering her dull blade with the sharpest steel.

In that instant, as Violet Rain released the blue bird, it seemed to have a soul of its own as it let out a shrill cry. The first zombie guard was struck by the blue bird, and the blue bird directly tore through its body!

Zi zi zi!

Arcs of lightning danced. The zombie guard began to violently twitch. The area of its stomach which the blue bird had passed through began to wither away at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Violet Rain slashed backwards with her sword, her slash sending the zombie guard flying backwards! Blue smoke began to issue from the zombie guard’s body.

She won?

Violet Rain was shocked. In that instant, she had been able to feel the purity of Lin Ming’s power of thunder. That was absolutely not something that someone from a small sect could have. Was Lin Ming a martial artist from a large sect coming out for adventure?

Violet Rain wasn’t able to indulge herself in daydreams in the chaos of battle. Although the first zombie guard had been severely damaged and could no longer fight, the second zombie guard had already rushed over to Violet Rain.

Violet Rain had just used the Thunder Shock Sword a moment ago. She wouldn’t be able to use it again so quickly. She released purple arcs of lightning from her body, trapping the zombie guard in an electric cage.

During this open time, Lin Ming glanced over the situation of everyone else fighting. There were seven black-armored soldiers against nine members of the Fire Ax Squad. Besides Lin Ming and Violet Rain fighting against the two zombie guards, there was enough for a one on one for everyone.

Fire Ax was suppressing the enemy leader. And although Dark Sword was a bit weaker, he wasn’t in any danger.

However, as Lin Ming saw Green Tree, Green Forest, and Cool Foam, his eyebrows furrowed together. These three were specialized martial artists – their true combat strength was relatively weak. In just a few moves, they were already in danger.

“Damn! These fellows are really tough!”

A saber forced a black-armored martial artist back. The bearded big fellow was running out of breath. The armor of these Demon Region fellows was made out of some unknown material. They had high defensive capabilities and were able to resist his saber energy.

“Big Beard, hurry and finish your opponent so you can help Cool Foam – that boy won’t be able to last much longer!” Enchanting Shadow’s true essence sound transmission sounded out near the bearded big fellow’s ears.

The bearded big fellow looked over at Cool Foam. After exchanging several moves with his opponent, his face was already pale. He was apparently being shaken by his opponent’s true essence.

If this continued, Cool Foam wouldn’t be able to last much longer!

The bearded big fellow clenched his teeth and gave a loud shout. The muscles all over his body bulged out, and the thick saber in his hands seemed especially epic at this moment. Obviously, he had used some sort of secret skill at this time.

“Die!” The bearded big fellow forced back his black-armored opponent and shot towards where Green Tree, Green Forest, and Cool Foam were.

“Green Tree! Green Forest! Cool Foam! Run to me!”

Ping ping ping!

His great saber struck against the enemy spears and sparks scattered everywhere. The bearded big fellow was releasing an unusually overwhelming amount of power. With just his strength, he was able to share the burden of Green Tree, Green Forest, and Cool Foam.

The three black-armored martial artists simultaneously retreated.

“Humph! He’s looking for death! Does he think he’s invincible just because he’s turned crazy!?”

“Since this fellow wants to die so badly, let’s concentrate our attacks and kill him first!”


Three spears thrust towards the bearded big fellow at the same time!

These three black-armored martial artists were battle-hardened masters that were experienced on the field. Their spears were like cunning snakes. As the bearded big fellow chopped down, two spears were aimed towards his heart and another towards his dantian.

“Be careful!”

Green Tree shouted out. At this time, he didn’t have much combat strength left.

“F*ck off to your grandma!”

The bearded big fellow crossed his saber horizontally, took a step forwards, and slashed out at two black-armored martial artists.

“Big Beard!”

Cool Foam’s complexion changed. His perception was the most sensitive here. In that split second he was able to instantly judge that Big Beard’s saber strike absolutely wouldn’t be able to block the simultaneous attacks of both black-armored martial artists!

This situation naturally fell into Lin Ming’s eyes. At this critical moment, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed, and two black swirling vortexes appeared in the depths of his pupils.

Samsara martial intent!


A chaotic tsunami of thoughts and scenes appeared within the spiritual seas of the two black-armored martial artists. Their minds shook, and their eyes glazed over, losing all focus.


The bearded big fellow slashed out with his saber; his saber slid past the spears and directly beheaded both black-armored martial artists!

Pu! Pu!

Two heads soared through the air, and columns of blood erupted like fountains. Two of the black-armored martial artists actually had their heads severed by the bearded big fellow in a single strike!

Green Tree and Green Forest were shocked. Even the bearded big fellow appeared in complete disbelief as he blankly stood there and stared at the saber in his hands.

Although he was a bit sloppy and rough, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t tell the difference between his attacks and his enemies’. In that moment, the saber attack had exhausted most of his strength, and he realized he should have been in a dangerous situation clashing against two spears like that. How could this have happened?

“This is… what happened?”

The bearded big fellow mumbled. It seemed as if the two opponents had deliberately let him attack.

As for Cool Foam, he was looking a bit thoughtful after seeing the expressions of the two black-armored martial artists before they had died.

If a person’s neck was quickly cut off by a saber, their expression should retain a fright and unwillingness. However, those two had dulled, glazed eyes, and their expressions were slackened. It didn’t seem as if they were terrified of the bearded big fellow’s saber slicing off their heads at all. What happened here? Could it be that the devil arts they cultivated backfired at this critical moment? That was just too much of a coincidence.

“Holy shi*t, did this father’s crazy attack level up?” The bearded fellow couldn’t figure out a reason, so he attributed it to this. “Whatever, I’ll kill off the rest of these damn turtles first before I figure it out.”

The bearded big fellow flourished his large saber and entered the fray again.


“Mm!?” In this fierce battle, the black-armored captain occasionally released his sense to determine the general situation. At this moment, he was completely shocked. Two of his squad had died, and even a zombie guard had been ruined!

How was this possible!?

His squad’s combat strength was absolutely higher than the opponents’, and they even had an extra Xiantian master. How did they lose?

How could they possibly lose!?

Should he give up everything and escape?

With his strength, he had absolute confidence that he would be able to escape. But, his men would not be able to do so. Another Xiantian master might be able to escape with him, but the rest would most assuredly die here!

These people were all his direct subordinates. In the future, they would return to his family clan and help him contribute. Most of those here were future Xiantian masters.

There was no need to mention the loss of his subordinates, but even the medicinal plants would all vanish!

Even his military exploit points would be reduced.

He was not willing!

He had gone through countless life or death situations and suffered for half a year in the flames of war on South Aurora Island. How many times had he fought? He had done it all in order to exchange it for a chance to soar into the skies. How could things have come to this?


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