Chapter 445 - Behead

Chapter 445 Behead.


Chapter 445 – Behead


Violet Rain’s kick sent the zombie guard flying away. With some disbelief, she turned around to look at Lin Ming in surprise.

Violet Rain was extremely sensitive to thunder energy changes. A moment ago, it was clearly this youth’s lightning strike that had delayed the zombie guard’s attack! This thunder attack wasn’t strong – it had only been one tenth of the power of thunder that she had released. But even though the power of thunder was weak, it was unusually concentrated and sharp. Once it was shot into the zombie guard’s eyes, it was able to completely disrupt its attack!

To have such precise control and accurate judgement on the battlefield… Violet Rain couldn’t believe it. Was this really a new recruit?

“Wild Halberd, you…” Violet Rain didn’t know what to say at this time.

“Senior-apprentice Sister Violet rain, they come.” Lin Ming coolly said. The power he had displayed just a moment ago wasn’t strong, it was just that the utilization was clever; it wasn’t enough to arouse any suspicious.

Violet Rain clenched her teeth and suppressed any questions she had. She turned round to meet the two zombie guards. Of the two zombie guards, one had been struck hard by Violet Rain and the other one’s eyes had been injured by...

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