Chapter 444 - Zombie Guard

Chapter 444 Zombie Guard.


Chapter 444 – Zombie Guard

As a black-armored man saw the slaves’ medicine baskets growing heavy, he smiled and said, “Big Brother, we’ve really hit it big this time. There are many more medicinal herbs than we expected. Once we return, we’ll receive a great number of military exploit points. Not just that, but us brothers will also be able to keep a bit! When that happens, Big Brother’s status will surely rise within the family clan!”

“Yah! We’ve already been in this bird shit land for half a year, finally we’ll be able to accomplish something!”

“When we head back, I can’t wait to see just what those old fool Elders’ expressions will be like!”

The several black-armored men enthusiastically spoke. They were from a third-grade martial family clan that was subordinate to the South Sea Demon Region. The South Sea Demon Region covered countless large and small islands, and there were even many strange and foreign races within them. There were dozens of third-grade sects and martial families, and some of those third-grade sects were formidable to the point that they surpassed even Peacock Mountain and came close to becoming fourth-grade sects.

In this great war between the South Sea Demon Region and Divine Phoenix Island, the larger the scale of the opponents,...

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