Chapter 443 - Spiritual Forest

Chapter 443 Spiritual Forest.


Chapter 443 – Spiritual Forest

“They were annihilated?” Violet Rain asked, bewildered.

“Yes. They’ve discovered seven corpses, some of them turned into puddles of blood; they should have been completely annihilated! It wasn’t just that squad, but a nearby squad that had six people was also eliminated. Without a doubt, all of them were killed. The two squads should have been killed by the same squad, the manner of death is similar.”

Fire Ax couldn’t even believe the words he said. If they encountered a powerful enemy and knew they couldn’t win, some of them should have been able to escape. Unless, the difference in strength was too great.

For instance, a squad led by two or three late Xiantian realm masters might be able to accomplish this.

Within the squads of South Aurora Island, there were only two squads that could continuously kill two squads of the South Sea Demon Region, and not only kill them, but completely annihilate them. However, these two squads had no need to hide their actions.

“Who did it? Nobody came to claim the military exploit points?” Enchanting Shadow asked.

Fire Ax shook his head. If someone came to collect the military exploit points, there wouldn’t have been so many doubts.


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