Chapter 441 - Blood Drinking Seal

Chapter 441 Blood Drinking Seal.


The cave entrance was around the height of two people, and within the cave, there were six or seven South Sea Demon Region martial artists that were gathered together, chatting.

“Captain, these past three months we’ve already mined over a thousand medium-grade true essence stones. In addition, we’ve also accumulated a ton of military exploit points by killing our enemies. After going back, Captain should be able to be promoted to a 3-star Devil General. When that happens, us brothers will also share in the glory!” The martial artist who spoke was around nine feet tall. In comparison to a normal human, he was much taller and his skin was also slightly blue toned.

“Haha, with Captain’s talent, being promoted to a starred Devil General was only a matter of time!” Another South Sea Demon Region martial artist said, crazily laughing.

Within these people, the one they called captain was a martial artist with a cultivation at the middle Xiantian realm. He didn’t look any different from a human; he had a handsome, delicate face and his skin was a bit pale, as if he were constantly sick. At first glance, he looked like a human youth. His temperament was a bit similar to Lei Mubai’s; he was most likely a descendant of the Netherworld...

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