Chapter 439 - First Class Soldier

Chapter 439 First Class Soldier.


After arriving at this point, naturally there wasn’t anyone who would quit. The man surnamed Zhou nodded with satisfaction and said, “If that’s the case, then you may enter the Ten Thousand Killing Array and we shall judge the level of your strength based on your points. Afterwards, you will be enrolled in squads corresponding with your strength. I fully urge you all to display your full strength so that you can join a squad with a higher combat strength. It will be easier for you to accumulate military exploits as well as increase your chances of living!

“Now, all of you come up one at a time! You, come up first!” The man surnamed Zhou casually chose someone. As he spoke, a man beside him activated the Ten Thousand Killing Array. The Ten Thousand Killing Array appeared in the square behind them; most of those here had experienced this array before.

This was the most common illusory killing array within the South Sea Horizon Region to test a martial artist’s strength.

“Anyone who can reach 100,000 points is a first class soldier, 50,000 points is a second class soldier, 20,000 points is a third class soldier, and as for anyone below that, I advise you to go home lest you just go to the battlefield...

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