Chapter 438 - South Sea Wartime Alliance

Chapter 438 – South Sea Wartime Alliance

As Lin Ming asked people along the way and compared his location with his map, he began to move and finally determined where he needed to go. He tipped down his bamboo hat and immediately began to move towards a town. Within this town was a very prominent building; it was over 200 feet high, and on the gate was a large signboard with the words – South Sea Wartime Alliance.

This was an organization that had just been established in the last half year. After all, the South Sea Demon Region qualified as a fifth-grade sect. It had gathered the reluctant support of some deep islands within the South Sea, and it had a very great influence. Even though Divine Phoenix Island had the joint help of some sects from the Five Element Region, it was still difficult to defend against the South Sea Demon Region.

This was mainly because the Five Element Region sects were only passively and lightly assisting Divine Phoenix Island; it was impractical to expect them to be the main force of the war.

Divine Phoenix Island could only count on itself.

However, as the war continued for nearly a year, the outer court disciples were seriously damaged and a great deal of inner court disciples were also used. In this situation, Divine Phoenix Island had no choice by to...

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