Chapter 436 - Slaughtering Path of the Battlefield

Chapter 436 Slaughtering Path of the Battlefield.


Chapter 436 – Slaughtering Path of the Battlefield


The Vermillion Bird blood essence was a kindness that was given to Lin Ming. But after he had returned from the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm and taken out the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, he had returned this kindness dozens if not hundreds of times over. Now, Lin Ming no longer owed Divine Phoenix Island anything, but rather it was Divine Phoenix Island that owed Lin Ming.

If this was true, then what sense of belonging did Lin Ming feel for Divine Phoenix Island that still remained?

Even if he left now, no one would say anything. Why would Lin Ming stay at Divine Phoenix Island, or even help Divine Phoenix Island rise to the level of a Holy Land?

Mu Fengxian had thought that Lin Ming and Qianyu were very intimate with each other, and she wanted to let this relationship between them naturally develop instead of trying to interfere ahead of time. But this time, Lin Ming had killed his way into Blood Demon Island and rescued a young girl called Qin Xingxuan; this left Mu Fengxian no choice but to shift the inquiry of this matter to an earlier date.

After all, this sort of scene in which a man desperately gave his all to save a woman like a shining knight would cause most girls to be moved. Like this, that girl would...

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