Chapter 434 - Sitting and Gathering Treasures

Chapter 434 Sitting and Gathering Treasures.


Chapter 434 – Sitting and Gathering Treasures

If they had the sixth layer of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, they would be able to directly cultivate to the sixth layer. Even if their foundation was bad, it was still far faster than repeatedly consolidating and building up the first five layers!

Anyway, these Elders no longer hoped or expected to become an Emperor level powerhouse, what did it matter to them if their foundation was bad?

To achieve the late Revolving Core realm or even the extreme Revolving Core realm was already their life’s greatest goal.

Thinking this, everyone’s eyes became eager and ardent. Some people were extremely regretful that they had tried to argue with Lin Ming a moment ago. In the end, the struggle for Vermillion Bird blood essence was a matter of juniors. If they could make a breakthrough, increase their...

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