Chapter 434 - Sitting and Gathering Treasures

Chapter 434 Sitting and Gathering Treasures.


Chapter 434 – Sitting and Gathering Treasures

If they had the sixth layer of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, they would be able to directly cultivate to the sixth layer. Even if their foundation was bad, it was still far faster than repeatedly consolidating and building up the first five layers!

Anyway, these Elders no longer hoped or expected to become an Emperor level powerhouse, what did it matter to them if their foundation was bad?

To achieve the late Revolving Core realm or even the extreme Revolving Core realm was already their life’s greatest goal.

Thinking this, everyone’s eyes became eager and ardent. Some people were extremely regretful that they had tried to argue with Lin Ming a moment ago. In the end, the struggle for Vermillion Bird blood essence was a matter of juniors. If they could make a breakthrough, increase their strength and also extend their lives by a few hundred years, then whatever struggles the juniors went through were irrelevant!

Compared to the eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence were simply nothing to speak of!

Everyone’s eyes unanimously focused on Lin Ming, their vision earnest.

According to the rules of Divine Phoenix Island, everything that was obtained from the Divine Phoenix Island smelting trials fully belonged to the one who obtained it. Not only could they exchange it to the sect, but they could also exchange it to the Elders as long as both sides were satisfied with the term.

Of course, these Elders didn’t expect to solely own this blood red jade slip, it was already enough to be the first one to enjoy it. As for the jade slip, there was only one. Meanwhile, there were over a dozen Vermillion Bird Faction Elders. If an Elder meditated over a jade slip, it would at least take a month or two. For all of them to have a look, it would take one or two years.

All the Elders that had been glaring at Lin Ming seemed to have completely forgotten the embarrassing scene from a moment ago. A white-haired old woman asked, “Nephew Lin, what are you planning on exchanging that jade slip for with the sect?”

“This old man has a 900 year old Sunfire Flower. I wonder if Nephew Lin is interested?”

As another Elder butted in, everyone looked at him with contempt.

A mere 900 year old Sunfire Flower? Really? This old man actually had the gall to bring up something like that?

The atmosphere was becoming increasingly fiery, even Great Elder Mu Chihuo had an extremely ugly expression. Of course he greatly desired to study the eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ too, but how could Lin Ming possibly give it to him?

Mu Chihuo grit his teeth and said to Lin Ming, “Lin Ming! What do you want in exchange!?”

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “Before, I was planning on freely offering this as a gift to Divine Phoenix Island. But now, I have changed my mind! I will lend this jade slip to Divine Phoenix Island for 100 days, and that should be sufficient for the value of 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence!”


Mu Chihuo’s complexion sank. Lin Ming was actually only lending the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ jade slip to Divine Phoenix Island for 100 days!

Pondering a jade slip through meditation was an extremely slow process. In order to understand it, meditating over it for one or two months was nothing strange. If Lin Ming lent this jade slip out for 100 days, at most that would only be enough time for three people to study it!

However, even having said that, before Lin Ming had obtained the this jade slip, if the Elders present knew that they could exchange three drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence in order to study the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ for a month, they would have been tripping over themselves to rush for this chance.

But now that Lin Ming had brought the jade slip back, the Elders had regarded this jade slip as property of Divine Phoenix Island. To trade 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence for 100 days, how could they possibly agree to that?!

Lin Ming didn’t seem affected. He unhurriedly said, “I’m not done speaking. After this 100 days, for the rest of the time, if any Elders wish to study it, we can continue to discuss terms. If both sides are satisfied then the jade slip can be continued to be lent out.

And also discuss terms?

With these words, all of the Elders present wanted to cuss out Lin Ming. This move of his was just too black-hearted! He wasn’t exchanging the jade slip, he was lending it out! From now on, if an Elder wished to meditate over this cultivation method, they would have to pay a massive price.

The Great Elder coldly snorted and said, “You’ve really thought this out well! The Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm is part of my Divine Phoenix Island! For my Divine Phoenix Island to exchange for the jade slip that you took out of the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm is already showing great tolerance and doing everything possible to accommodate you, and yet you are insatiable. After being given an inch, you want to take a yard? You think you can just sit there and gather all the treasure?”

Lin Ming coldly smiled and said, “According to what I know, the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was a smelting trial land laid down by the Ancient Phoenix Clan. But, the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island are not the subjects of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. In comparison, when I entered into the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall, I managed to obtain the approval of the Palace Spirit, thus I was granted this jade slip with the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. It’s difficult to say just who is the owner of the Divine Phoenix Mystic realm. To say the least, even if the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm belongs to Divine Phoenix Island, I still want to ask a question. When Great Elder was young, did Great Elder also enter the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, and just what did the Great Elder obtain?

As Lin Ming calmly spoke, it was like stabbing with needles until they were bloody. Especially that last sarcastic question, it caused the Great Elder’s face to turn liver red. When the Great Elder had entered the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he also had a lucky chance. But when compared to the first eight layers of  ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, it wasn’t even worth a fart.

“The first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ cultivation method have always been within the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall for the last 3000 years, and have been guarded by the Palace Spirit. Those who have the ability to do so many take it away. If anyone thinks they can just take this jade slip, then they are nothing but idiots spouting nonsense! Since the Great Elder said that the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm belongs to Divine Phoenix Island, I wonder if Great Elder has any personal disciples that can enter into the Ancient Phoenix Mystic Realm and obtain the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’?”

Lin Ming’s refutation caused Mu Chihuo to be bamboozled! All of the other Elders stayed silent. They were still watching Lin Ming, obviously refusing to give up.

Lin Ming sneered in his mind. In the presence of all these Elders, he pushed the blood red jade slip towards Mu Yuhuang. “Honorable Sect Master, this disciple is busy with practice, so this cultivation method will be temporarily placed with Honorable Master. Anytime anyone wishes to rent out this jade slip, Honorable Master may do so in place of disciple. Is this alright?”

Lin Ming was well aware that the significance of this jade slip for Divine Phoenix Island was too great. According to the rules of Divine Phoenix Island, the jade slip should be controlled by Lin Ming. However, when it came to objects that were important, following this rule wasn’t possible.

Thus, Lin Ming had already planned to hand this jade slip over to Mu Yuhuang to deal with, and she could also decide what the terms would be. It was already enough that he would receive a portion of the exchange.

Not just that, but this was equal to delivering a huge graciousness to Mu Yuhuang. If Mu Yuhuang controlled this jade slip, then she would have the authority over who could see it and also have the power that followed. This was equal to holding the weak point of all the Elders; who would dare to oppose Mu Yuhuang?

As for the Great Elder, if he wanted to stir up trouble, he would have to deal with someone much stronger than himself in order to do so. Now that Mu Yuhuang had the jade slip in her hands, it would be extremely difficult for him to form an alliance to deal with her. Nobody would try to offend Mu Yuhuang at this time.

Not just that, but if the Great Elder wanted to practice the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, he would also have to obtain permission from Mu Yuhuang and Lin Ming. Thinking of this, Mu Chihuo felt sick to his stomach like he had swallowed a fly.


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