Chapter 433 - Blood Red Jade Slip

Chapter 433 Blood Red Jade Slip.


Chapter 433 – Blood Red Jade Slip

After hearing that Lin Ming would compensate for the 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence, not only did Great Elder Mu Chihuo laugh, but all the other Elders thought this was farcical. A red-robed old man coldly snorted and said, “The value of a single drop of Vermillion Bird blood essence is inestimable. This old woman wants to see whether or not you have anything worthy of compensating for it!

This red-robed old woman was the one that had just called Qin Xingxuan a piece of trash.

“The reason that Divine Phoenix Island gave you the Vermillion Bird blood essence was not for you to give it to others, and especially not to waste it to court some random hussy! Exactly what qualifications do you have to do this!?”

This red-robed old lady spoke aggressively and also recklessly sent out her aura, directly pressuring Lin Ming. If it wasn’t for her grandson lacking some Vermillion Bird blood essence, he would have absolutely been able to break through to the Revolving Core realm. This caused the red-robed old woman to feel a deep resentment. Now, with Lin Ming’s words, she used her aura to pressure Lin Ming!

For a middle Revolving Core Supreme Elder to send out an aura to oppress a Houtian master, it would be able to frighten him...

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