Chapter 432 - I’ll Compensate

Chapter 432 I’ll Compensate.


Chapter 432 – I’ll Compensate

During these chaotic times of war, those that rode a Vermillion Bird to travel were most likely Elders, ‘Could there possibly be news from Grandfather’s side?’

As Mu Qingshu thought of this, he was conflicted. The Council of Elders within Divine Phoenix Island was mainly composed of conservative old hypocrites. It wasn’t necessarily true that they would allow Lin Ming to become a leader of power in the future, so the situation wasn’t hopeless for him.

As Mu Qingshu was lost in his thoughts, he heard the high-pitched phoenix cry of the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird was extremely fast; just a few breaths of time after Mu Qingshu had received the sound transmitting talisman, it had already flown over the island’s skies.

Mu Qianyu was momentarily startled. She lay down the flower pot in her hands and looked towards the skies.


The Vermillion Bird landed on the ground, setting off a wild wind that blew away the surrounding greenery.

There was a man and a woman standing on top of the Vermillion Bird. The young man was a handsome youth. As he smiled, his eyes were soft, but they contained an inexplicably fierce will. The girl that stood behind him was delicate, but her attitude was a bit cautious.

They were Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan.

Lin Ming didn’t return straight to Divine Phoenix Island. Instead, as he was crossing a South Sea transmission array, he asked a disciple who was stationed there where Mu Qianyu was and came to look for her first.

Lin Ming had an exceptionally warm feeling towards Mu Qianyu. In a way, it could be said that Lin Ming was willing to contribute to Divine Phoenix Island mostly because of Mu Qianyu.

When Lin Ming had first left the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, if it wasn’t because he was frantically trying to rescue Qin Xingxuan, he would have looked for Mu Qianyu first.

As Mu Qingshu saw Lin Ming appear, the smile on his face instantly froze.

Lin Ming!

It was actually him!

As Mu Qingshu saw Lin Ming’s smiling face, he felt like he had eaten a fly. For now, he had to consider protocol. He could only hide the disgust and loathing he felt in his heart, and keep on a fairly calm expression.

“Lin Ming!” Mu Qianyu lightly...

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