Chapter 431 - No Choice Left

Chapter 431 No Choice Left.


Chapter 431 – No Choice Left

Divine Phoenix Island, back mountains, Vermillion Bird Palace –

Divine Phoenix Island’s Third Elder, Mu Yanzhuo, strode out of the Vermillion Bird Palace, scowling.

“Third Elder!”

A pair of maids outside of the Vermillion Bird Palace bowed to Mu Yanzhuo.

Mu Yanzhuo only gave a light humph, not bothering to reply to them. As he stepped 100 feet away from the entrance of the main hall, Mu Yanzhuo waved his sleeves and then flew away.

Although there were no rules stating that one could not fly at the Vermilion Bird Palace’s front square, Vermillion Bird Palace was still the palace of Mu Yuhuang, and also where the supreme power of the Vermillion Bird Faction lay. A normal person would only fly outside of the square and then walk in, but Mu Yanzhuo no longer bothered to pay attention to any manners or rules. The conversation he had with Mu Yuhuang just a while ago had left him very unhappy.

The Saintess engagement ceremony that he had proposed had been pushed back by Mu Yuhuang. She had found some random excuse to turn it down, and now it was extended indefinitely!


A sound transmission talisman lit in front of Mu Yanzhuo; the one who had contacted him was Great Elder Mu Chihuo.

Mu Yanzhuo frowned....

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