Chapter 430 - Returning to Divine Phoenix Island

Chapter 430 Returning to Divine Phoenix Island.


Chapter 430 – Returning to Divine Phoenix Island

As Sky Fortune City entered fall, the days began to be filled with a faint chill.

In the ninth month, Crown Prince Yang Lin ascended to the throne. The grand ceremony continued for a total of nine days. Before this, all of the officials that had been purged and were still living were once again restored to their former glory. They entered the palace again and again, being promoted continuously.

As for officials that had followed Yang Zhen, some were demoted and some were exiled. Even though Yang Lin was a naturally kind-hearted man, after becoming emperor he would also begin to gradually show a ruthless side.

In the middle of the ninth month, Lin Ming brought Qin Xingxuan back to his hometown of Green Mulberry City.

Before this, Yang Lin had already sent summons to meet Lin Ming’s parents.

Yang Lin was clear that his life was protected and he would finally be able to ascend...

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