Chapter 429 - Demon Emperor

Chapter 429 Demon Emperor.


Chapter 429 – Demon Emperor


Lin Ming took a deep breath. He had washed his hands, his face, burned incense, and had adjusted his own mindset so that there wasn’t even the slightest trace of turbulent emotions.

Then he poured the blood essence onto his chest.

The crimson blood essence dripped down. At first there wasn’t a reaction, but after a breath of time, there was a ‘chi chi chi’ sound. The blood essence seemed to be corroding, and was emitting a faint trace of blue smoke.

As a burning pain emitted from his chest area, Lin Ming furrowed his eyebrows. He felt his heart, and then released his sense to investigate the Magic Cube under his chest area that was releasing strange fluctuations of energy, hoping to find some clues.

After it went to sleep near Lin Ming’s heart, the Magic Cube seemed to have disappeared. If it didn’t reveal itself of its own initiative, Lin Ming would never have been able to sense it.

But now, as the Magic Cube absorbed the blood essence, Lin Ming was finally able to detect its existence.

However, right after, Lin Ming felt his spiritual sea tremble. The perception he released seemed as if it were being sucked into the Magic Cube. Against this powerful suction power, Lin Ming couldn’t react in time; he simply wasn’t able to offer any resistance...

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