Chapter 428 - Opening the Magic Cube Again

Chapter 428 Opening the Magic Cube Again.


Chapter 428 – Opening the Magic Cube Again

Sky Fortune City, Marshal Quarters –

The Marshal Quarters had been surrounded for over a month by the army, and not even servants were allowed to leave. But now, within a quarter of an hour of Yang Zhen’s death, those officials that had realized the vast changes that were about to sweep through the nation instantly lifted the order of house arrest for Qin Xiao.

Undoubtedly, Crown Prince Yang Lin would make a return and ascend to the throne. As for Qin Xiao, he would be restored to his position as one of the highest officials, and his status would be even more terrifying than it was in the past.

During this time, anyone who didn’t try to curry favor with these two would be fools.

Qin Xiao was surrounded by many officials that had come to the Marshal Quarters. They discussed plans to pave the way for a smoother future.

Even those who accompanied Qin Xiao received a high level of respect. Even nobles dared not to disrespect them. These nobles constantly referred to them as ‘little brother’ or ‘old master’ in case they be seen as not paying their due respects.

Especially those nobles that had defected to Yang Zhen’s side before. They were all in absolute fear, and they...

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