Chapter 427 - Changing Heavens

Chapter 427 Changing Heavens.


Chapter 427 – Changing Heavens

All of the officials and officers looked over. Their faces were filled with surprise as they saw this fat eunuch that looked like a giant meatball barge into the palace’s grand hall.

After attracting everyone’s attention to himself, the middle-aged eunuch seemed to notice that and began to wave to everyone as he happily reported such a wonderful event.

He coughed to clear his throat, and then the middle-aged eunuch said, “Emperor! An auspicious heavenly sign has arrived! A phoenix has come!”

“Mm? Phoenix?” Yang Zhen was startled, and then a joyous smile immediately crossed his face. “Really?”

Just as Yang Zhen asked that, there was suddenly a resounding phoenix cry from overhead. All of the officials and officers were startled. Could it be? Was that actually a phoenix flying overhead?

Everyone quickly ran out of the grand hall, not daring to believe unless they could verify this with their own eyes. They ran out and were incomparably shocked when they saw a massive phoenix with a 100 foot wingspan gently floating in midair. And on the back of that phoenix were several immortal beings.

The wind whistled and flames howled around them. Such an auspicious event caused everyone’s eyes to go round like moons; this was a scene that had only ever been described in ancient legends.

Yang Zhen was euphoric. He had usurped the throne, forced his father to abdicate the throne, and had even placed his elder brother under house arrest. None of these were glorious actions, but now that an almighty phoenix had arrived, this was the perfect chance for him to restore his honor.

As he was about to bow to the two immortals on the phoenix and introduce himself, at this moment, the bright smile on his face suddenly froze.

As he saw the young man and woman on top of that phoenix, Yang Zhen’s face went from a disbelieving happiness to abject horror!

“Lin Ming! Qin Xingxuan!”

Lin Ming moved, stepping on the wind and slowly falling from the sky. A faint aura emanated from him. Combined with the phoenix behind him that burned with brilliant radiant flames, this image was too impactful. Everyone else couldn’t help but fall to their knees in worship.

Yang Zhang was already afraid, but now he was frightened out of his mind. How was this possible? Wasn’t Lin Ming already dead?

“Lin… Mister Lin…” Yang Zhen stuttered, “You… you’re alive. I’m so excited that I can… see you… again…”

Yang Zhen‘s entire body was in a cold sweat. In just a few words, sweat had already begun to drip down his fingertips.

Besides Yang Zhen, there were a few officials that recognized Lin Ming from a banquet a long time ago, when he had displayed his amazing movement techniques. They had a very high status within Sky Fortune Kingdom, and they had also heard many things concerning Lin Ming. Thus, they deeply understood just what Lin Ming’s status was!

Lin Ming sarcastically looked at Yang Zhen, “Excited? Yang Zhen, how come I can see you shaking?”

Lin Ming’s words shocked everyone present, including all the officials and ministers. Most of those present didn’t recognize Lin Ming. To them, the world that Lin Ming lived in was just too distant a reality. In their minds, the emperor was the heavens, a nigh unreachable existence.

Just who was this person? He spoke to the emperor directly using his full name, and it was also obvious that the emperor feared him!

After Yang Zhen had ascended to the throne, he had launched a massive campaign to clear out all the past officials, making everyone feel insecure of their own position. Even the legendary and renowned Marshal Qin Xiao had been placed under house arrest; who else still dared to oppose Yang Zhen? With just a few words from Yang Zhen, their entire families would be beheaded and their fortunes taken!

And yet, this cold-blooded and heartless emperor was at the moment frightened to the point that he was dripping sweat?

“Mister Lin… I beg you, spare my life. I was confused. The new Seven Profound Martial House master tricked me, and Ouyang Boyan forced me to do what I did. I can be your most faithful servant. I can even testify against Ouyang Boyan on your behalf if you give me the chance to do so…” Yang Zhen said with a true essence sound transmission. This year his cultivation had managed to reach the Altering Muscle stage, and he was able to use this skill.

Lin Ming sneered, “Ouyang Boyan has been slain by my hand. If you want to testify against him, then you can do so in hell!”

“Wh… what?” Yang Zhen uttered in a daze. Ouyang Boyan had been killed by Lin Ming!?


An azure light flashed, and Yang Zhen’s expression was forever frozen in this dazed look. A thread of azure true essence had been injected into his heart, directly bursting it. Yang Zhen had died on the spot.


Yang Zhen slumped to the ground. After his heart burst open, blood began to flow out from his nose and mouth.

“Emperor… Emperor!” The middle-aged eunuch was horrified, his face turning white.

After Yang Zhen suddenly died, the Royal Palace was in chaos. Everyone was terrified, falling to the ground on their knees, begging as their hands trembled. All of the officials looked as though they had lost their souls. In just a breath of time, the emperor had been killed in front of everyone!

Some officials who knew a bit more of what was happening fell silent. They understood one thing, and that was that the heavens would change.

Yang Lin would ascend to the newly emptied throne, and Qin Xiao would be restored to his great position and authority. All of those who assisted Yang Zhen in clearing out the old guard would be demoted and cast away, or perhaps, maybe their entire families would be slaughtered.

This was the brutality of a struggle for authority. But in front of absolute power, any authority paled in comparison.

After Lin Ming killed Yang Zhen, he didn’t even bother to say anything to the chaotic crowds of people at the Royal Palace. He hopped onto Fireshine and rode non-stop to the Seven Profound Martial House.

The Seven Profound Martial House was located at Sky Fortune City’s Zhou Mountains. This distance of 10 miles was just a blink of an eye to the extreme speed of a Vermillion Bird!

As he spread his sense down, Lin Ming instantly located the current Seven Profound Martial House Master that Yang Zhen had spoken of. Within the entire Martial House, he was the only half-step Xiantian martial artist.


The main hall fiercely shook. The cloaked man that was cultivating in seclusion was suddenly startled, he jumped out from his quiet room!

“Who is it? Who dares to force their way into my Seven Profound Martial House!?” The cloaked man was furious. Then, he froze as he saw the massive Vermillion Bird and the two individuals that stood on it.

Lin Ming! Qin Xingxuan!

Not only did the cloaked man see Lin Ming, but many of the disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House saw him. With such a giant Vermillion Bird flying into the Seven Profound Martial House, it was difficult to not notice this.

The disciples that had entered into the Seven Profound Martial House with Lin Ming hadn’t graduated yet. As they saw Lin Ming atop the Vermillion Bird, they were stunned.

“Is that person… Senior-apprentice Brother Lin?”

To the disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House, Lin Ming was a fable, a living legend that they worshipped. After he stayed at the Seven Profound Martial House for just half a year, he had become the champion of the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction Martial Meeting! It was like he was a hero from the myths!

Afterwards, they had heard that he had been personally selected by some large sect and had also become that sect’s top disciple.

Without a doubt, Lin Ming would become a Xiantian master in the future. To the disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House, a Xiantian master was also a character only heard of in legends.

There were many new disciples that had heard of Lin Ming’s great name even before they had joined the Seven Profound Martial House. They dreamt that one day they would become an awe-inspiring powerhouse like Lin Ming.

“It really looks like him. And behind him… is that… Senior-apprentice Sister Qin?”

“This… how is this possible? Wasn’t it said that Senior-apprentice Brother Lin died? Not just that… but what are they riding? Is that a phoenix?”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin’s cultivation is…”

Several Viscera Training stage youths stared with wide eyes, but they still couldn’t see Lin Ming’s current cultivation!

For a Viscera Training stage martial artist to not be able to see someone’s cultivation, that could only mean that they were at least at the late Pulse Condensation period, or even the peak Pulse Condensation period!

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin has already broken through to the peak Pulse Condensation period? That’s impossible!”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin is indeed powerful, he’s so fierce! 17 years old and yet he is at the peak Pulse Condensation period. In the future he’ll become a Xiantian master!

“I wonder why Senior-apprentice Brother Lin came back to the Seven Profound Martial House? Does had have something he needs to speak with the Martial House Master about? Could it be about the next Total Faction Martial Meeting!?” As soon as someone mentioned the Total Faction Martial Meeting, everyone – especially the younger disciples – became giddy with excitement.

As they were discussing this, Wang Yanfeng was silently gazing at Lin Ming in the sky, his eyes shining.  

He wasn’t at the peak Pulse Condensation period, but at the late Houtian realm… Wang Yanfeng gasped and then clenched his fists. Not too long ago, he had participated in the Seven Profound Martial House entrance examination with Lin Ming. At that time there had been a fierce battle for first place. But now,the difference between them was like clouds and mud.


“Who are you? Why have you come here?” The cloaked man’s expression changed. These past years, he had been travelling the world for his own pleasure and hadn’t been at the Total Faction Martial Meeting. Naturally, he wouldn’t know what Lin Ming looked like.

Although Lin Ming’s cultivation was inferior to his, he had a faint sense that this youth in front of him was a terrifying being!

“Are you the current Seven Profound Martial House Master?” Lin Ming blankly asked.

The cloaked man frowned. He faintly felt that Lin Ming came here with ill intent, but there was no way to deny this. He nodded his head and said, “I am!”

“Oh really…” Lin Ming coldly smiled. He heard from Qin Xingxuan that Yang Zhen had used the support of the current Martial House Master in order to successfully ascend to the throne. Afterwards, when the campaign had been launched to purge the old officials, Qin Xiao had been captured without a fight because of this cloaked man.

“Then… it’s not an injustice for you to die…” Lin Ming stretched out his palm, a purple arc of thunder flashed out!

“Humph!” After he sensed Lin Ming’s ill intent, the cloaked man was already on high alert. He coldly snorted and then drew out the longsword from its sheath, his entire body boiling with purple flames!

A sword cut down on the purple thunder. But as soon as the longsword touched the purple thunder, the purple flames that enveloped the sword were instantly scattered by the power of thunder!

Siii –

A finger-long arc of purple electricity sunk into the cloaked man’s body, and all of his organs instantly blew up!

The cloaked man vomited out a massive amount of blood, and then fell down from the roof of the main hall.


The cloaked man crashed into the ground, his blood spattering all over the floor!

In that instant, all of the Seven Profound Martial House disciples were frightened. They couldn’t believe their own eyes as they looked at the dead cloaked man, their eyes completely round.

What was this all about?

Lin Ming had instantly killed the new Martial House Master?

The purple light had just flashed. Although it was fast, it still left behind an afterimage in the eyes of everyone present. Not just that, but the cloaked man had also used his sword in a counterattack. But still, in that flash, the cloaked man had suddenly died!

The new Martial House Master whose cultivation was at a half-step Xiantian, and who was no weaker than the old Martial House Master Qin Ziya, was actually killed in an instant?

How was this possible?

And… why did Lin Ming do this?

The entire Seven Profound Martial House was buzzing with noise.

Wang Yanfeng also didn’t fully understand what was happening. But at this moment, he saw a white light flying towards him – it was a porcelain bottle. He subconsciously reached out his hand to grab it, and as soon as he glanced at it, he saw that it was a bottle of pills.

A sound echoed near Wang Yanfeng’s ears. “These are pills for a Pulse Condensation period martial artist. The Seven Profound Valleys will soon send a new Martial House Master. Farewell Wang Yanfeng! If it is in our fates, we shall meet again!”

After Lin Ming sent his message, he jumped onto the Vermillion Bird’s back. The Vermillion Bird shot up into the sky and quickly vanished into the endless sea of clouds.

Wang Yanfeng held the bottle of pills in his hand. He gazed at the Vermillion Bird as it faded into the foggy skies above the Zhou Mountains. For a time, he stood there, absently staring into the skies…


“Lin Ming, do you know that young man?” Qin Xingxuan asked from atop the Vermillion Bird.

“Not really, I just found that he has a firm heart of martial arts so I’m giving him a hand.” Lin Ming thoughtlessly said. If one didn’t have resources, it would be difficult to practice to the upper reaches of martial arts. To reach the highest boundaries was simply too difficult. Whether it was Wang Yanfeng’s heart of martial arts or his talent, both were adequate. If he were to waste too much time because of his lack of resources, that would be too pitiful.

“Lin Ming, where are we going now?”

“We’ll go to your family.” Lin Ming smiled at Qin Xingxuan. On the trip here, he hadn’t had the chance to study the Magic Cube. He would go to the Qin Mansion and take a rest there. In the meantime, he would be able to confirm his suspicions about the Magic Cube.


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