Chapter 426 - Auspicious Sign of the Heavens

Chapter 426 Auspicious Sign of the Heavens.


Chapter 426 – Auspicious Sign of the Heavens

The corrosive Fallen Star Flame Flame Essence drilled straight through Ouyang Guang’s stomach, piercing through his dantian and shooting out from behind!

Ouyang Guang grabbed onto the shaft of the Purple Comet Spear. He slowly looked down at the hole in his stomach that was pouring out thick, black blood, his face colored with disbelief.

He extended his hand out, waving it in front of him as if he wanted to grab onto something. However, his eyes relaxed and dulled, and the light faded from them.

Ouyang Guang fell to his knees, and then softly plopped onto the floor.

So far, of the seven Elders and Sovereign from the Acacia Faction, some had died, some were severely wounded, and some had escaped; there were none left!

The entire main island was emptied, even Ouyang Ming had returned to a small island. Now, on the main island, the only one left standing was Lin Ming.

With his own strength, not even the seven Great Elders of the Acacia Faction had been able to stop him. Such a frightening strength caused all the surrounding martial artists to hold their breath, afraid that they would attract the attention of this monster in human form.

Lin Ming took the Purple Comet Spear and walked in front of Ouyang Boyan. At this time, Ouyang Boyan only had a...

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