Chapter 425 - Stones Dyed With Blood

Chapter 425 Stones Dyed With Blood.


Chapter 425 – Stones Dyed With Blood


Ouyang Shenxiu fell into a pile of rubble, stirring up a large cloud of dust and dirt.         

As the bright light from the explosion faded, the true essence shockwaves subsided. The lake was quiet, and even the wild, turbulent waves became gentle once again. On the main island, every building was completely razed to the ground, turned to crushed stones and tiles. There was now nothing left but a long stretch of ruins!

Pa ta!

A drop of bright fresh blood trickled down from the cold point of the Purple Comet Spear. As this drop of blood fell onto the ruins, it broke apart. In the utter silence of the square, this sound was incomparably clear.

Lin Ming stood within these ruins, his entire body dyed in blood. Part of this blood was from Ouyang Shenxiu, and part of it was from himself.

At this time, Lin Ming was like a Killing God that crawled out from an Ashura battlefield. All of the martial artists that looked at Lin Ming had a shine of fear and horror in their eyes. Even though the extreme Xiantian master Ouyang Shenxiu had emerged to stop Lin Ming, he was still beaten to the edge of death!

Ouyang Ming heaved a deep sigh of relief. In the face of someone like Lin Ming, he was completely paralyzed. Even Liu Xuan, who had grown up under...

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