Chapter 424 - Horrifyingly Fierce

Chapter 424 Horrifyingly Fierce.


Chapter 424 – Horrifyingly Fierce

As the Heretical God Force was opened, Lin Ming was like a monster that leapt out from an endless abyss; his momentum completely broke free.

As Lin Ming gripped the Purple Comet Spear, the ground underneath him began to shake, and cracks began to spread out from where he was like a spiderweb. He flourished his spear, and countless tiles of white marble rolled up like a mat, with countless stones and rocks being sent swirling in a high speed vortex. If a weaker martial artist were to be touched by these chunks of stone, it would pierce a bloody hole through their body.

After the Heretical God Force’s aura of the second layer erupted, all of the martial artists present, including even the Xiantian Elders, felt a great suppressive pressure. They had no choice but to revolve their true essence to resist it.

Ouyang Shenxiu’s amethyst sword cut down. On top of the sword, the amethyst layer had already grown nine feet long. That four foot sword had actually become a nine foot long greatsword!


Ouyang Shenxiu’s sword cut out!


Sword energy and spear light wove as they smashed into each other, creating a cold and terrifying storm of true essence.

The true essence tore apart the earth, sending massive crushed stones flying high into the air. Giant waves appeared on the lake as if it were in the middle of a sea...

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