Chapter 423 - Purple Flame Crystal Conversion

Chapter 423 Purple Flame Crystal Conversion.


Chapter 423 – Purple Flame Crystal Conversion

Ouyang Shenxiu stood in the center of the square, coldly looking at Lin Ming. It was unknown when, but a light black fog began to cover his face, making it difficult for others to see him. In this black fog, there was only a pair of vibrant red eyes that shined through. A cold light continuously flashed out from these eyes, causing anyone who dared to glance at them to feel a deep despairing fear.

Ka ka ka!

Ouyang Shenxiu gripped his fists together, and a purple flame ignited on his hands; this was similar to the Purple Flame Bone Lance that Ouyang Guang had used earlier.

“What is going on? Sovereign Ouyang is not using a sword?”

On the various lake islands, all the Acacia Faction disciples were surprised as they spoke. Those of the Acacia Faction used a sword. If a sword user were to use their fists, their power would naturally weaken by a great deal.

In conclusion, Ouyang Shenxiu still feared Divine Phoenix Island. Since he clearly knew that he couldn’t kill Lin Ming without provoking a calamity upon himself, he might as well not use his sword and only use his fists and sword fingers. Everyone could see this modest and humble act.

If he easily defeated Lin Ming without using his sword, he would be able to display his own style...

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