Chapter 422 - Acacia Sovereign Ouyang

Chapter 422 Acacia Sovereign Ouyang.


Chapter 422 – Acacia Sovereign Ouyang

At this moment, a loud shout rolled out like thunder, “Stop!”

Everyone in the square followed the source of the loud voice. One thousand feet away, they could see a white-clothed man quickly closing in at an extreme speed. Even though he was 1000 feet away, he was able to cross a hundred feet in an instant. All of the Acacia Faction disciples were immediately overjoyed.

“It’s the Sovereign! The Sovereign has come!”

The Acacia Faction’s Sovereign was Ouyang Shenxiu. His cultivation was at the extreme Xiantian realm. Within all of the Xiantian masters of the Seven Profound Valleys, his strength was ranked in the top four.

However, Lin Ming didn’t care about Ouyang Shenxiu’s warning; he still drove the Divine Demon Thunder Soul towards Ouyang Boyan for the killing blow!


Ouyang Shenxiu was still a few hundred feet away. It wouldn’t be easy for him to stop this Divine Demon Steel Needle.


Ouyang Shenxiu slashed out with his sword and a red sword energy accurately struck the Divine Demon Steel Needle. However, this move was too hasty, and it was too far away. Although the Divine Demon Steel Needle fiercely trembled, a massive power of thunder still fell onto Ouyang Boyan’s body like a typhoon.

In the blink of an eye, the fragile true essence that protected Ouyang Boyan was torn to shreds. He gave a pitiful scream, and then his body was tossed high into the air. His hair was completely singed off, and he crashed back down like a pheasant that had been shot, his entire body covered in blood.

Ouyang Boyan’s body twitched, and then he vomited out a large pool of blood. He had already lost a great deal of energy, and now there was almost nothing left.

As Ouyang Shenxiu arrived at the square, his saw Ouyang Boyan’s pitiful state and his complexion sunk. He had warned in advance, but Lin Ming had still turned a deaf ear and cast down a heavy-handed attack!

Pu! Pu!

Closely following behind Ouyang Shenxiu were two white-clothed men. They were both disciples that Ouyang Shenxiu had received many years ago. They had just broken through to the early Xiantian realm about 10 years ago, and could be considered among the most shallow and weak of Elders.

As one of them saw Ouyang Boyan’s current state, his eyes turned red. He was someone who shared a father and mother with Ouyang Boyan, his blood brother, Ouyang Boxu. He instantly appeared at Ouyang Boyan’s side and fed him some life maintaining pills. As Ouyang Boxu stood up, his eyes were filled with a murderous intent, no different from a raging vicious beast.

“Lin Ming! I’ll kill you!”

Ouyang Boxu raised his sword and was about to rush forwards when Ouyang Shenxiu coldly snorted and said, “Draw back!”

Ouyang Boxu immediately paled. He grit his teeth and drew back a single step. But, his eyes still flashed with fury and bone-deep loathing as he kept them glued to Lin Ming.


“Lin Ming, you’ve returned!”

Ouyang Shenxiu indifferently looked at Lin Ming. During the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction Martial Meeting, Ouyang Shenxiu had once casually met with Lin Ming. He had even invited Lin Ming to join the Acacia Faction, but had eventually let it go.

“Sovereign Ouyang.” Lin Ming said as he faced Ouyang Shenxiu. His expression was the same.

Lin Ming did not fear Ouyang Shenxiu. He knew that sooner or later this old man would jump out of the woodworks; he was the only enemy here that he needed to take seriously.

Before this old man appeared, Lin Ming was trying to reserve as much strength as he could. He would never have used Thunderfire Annihilation a moment ago if he didn’t have to fend off the combined attack of five Elders. But even though he had used that move, he had only used 30% of its total strength. There was still 70% of the power of thunder and fire left within the Heretical God Seed, and it was also recovering at a breakneck pace.

“Lin Ming, the Seven Profound Valleys has been good to you. You studied at Sky Fortune Kingdom’s Seven Profound Martial House, and afterwards you became champion of the Total Faction Martial Meeting. The Seven Profound Valleys even granted you a Heaven Opening Pill. But you still forced your way into the Seven Profound Valleys and severely wounded and crippled Elders of my Acacia Faction. Just what is your reasoning behind this?”

“Has been good to me?” Lin Ming coldly sneered. “The Seven Profound Valleys plundered the martial cultivation resources of Sky Fortune Kingdom, making it so that the martial artists of Sky Fortune Kingdom wouldn’t have resources available to them. To them, even breaking through to the Pulse Condensation period is something they can only vainly aspire towards. The Seven Profound Martial Houses are just a form of returning some of the resources that you lot have plundered, and the so-called fostering talents is so that the Seven Profound Valleys can use them for themselves. Is it some form of graciousness? Hardly.”

“A year and a half ago, I was of great value to the Seven Profound Valleys, so the Seven Profound Valleys naturally treated me well. But, after the Seven Profound Valleys heard news of my death, Ouyang Boyan finally decided to take revenge for personal grudges between us. He repeatedly acted and plotted against Qin Xingxuan, the Qin Family, Lin Family, and everyone else involved with me. Weren’t these deeds all done through the connections of your Ouyang Family Clan? When I left the Seven Profound Valleys, Divine Phoenix Island already paid a high enough price for me. I no longer owe the Seven Profound Valleys anything. The reason that I came here today is to demand that justice be served. Ouyang Boyan must die!”

Ouyang Shenxiu deeply frowned. He had rushed to the scene and yet Lin Ming had let out this raving rant in front of him. If he allowed Lin Ming to kill Ouyang Boyan here, then how would he be able to establish himself in the martial arts world?

“This old man is not clear about what matters you speak of!” Ouyang Shenxiu was not lying. As a top figure of the Seven Profound Valleys, he naturally wouldn’t concern himself over these minor matters. But, he believed that Lin Ming was mostly speaking the truth, and he also had a certain understanding of Ouyang Boyan’s character. Someone like him could absolutely do what Lin Ming had described.

“Even if what you said is true, isn’t that young girl behind you Miss Qin? Even if Ouyang Boyan had tried to harm her, she is safe and sound. Yet you actually cut off Ouyang Boyan’s arm and severely wounded him, completely wasting away his road of martial arts! Haven’t you just gone too far?”

“Haha!” Lin Ming chuckled. “Safe and sound? What a well said ‘safe and sound’! By holding the lives of the Qin Family in his hands, Ouyang Boyan forced Qin Xingxuan to go to Blood Demon Island for over a month! When I arrived there, Qin Xingxuan’s body had already been exhausted of all the blood essence she had, and her life was at its end. If it wasn’t for me using miracle medicine that is sufficient to create several Revolving Core masters, then she would have already turned to ashes. And that is what you call ‘safe and sound’?”

Lin Ming’s words caused the entire audience to gasp in shock. Sufficient miracle medicine to create several Revolving Core masters?


If what Lin Ming said was true, then using such amazing medicine that could create several Revolving Core masters on a Pulse Condensation period junior was simply a careless waste of heaven’s treasures!

Ouyang Shenxiu’s lips twitched. Even he had distant hopes to one day step into the Revolving Core realm. But these were only hopes, and were in reality an unachievable dream. In this generation of Seven Profound Valleys Elders and Sovereigns, only the Sword Faction Sovereign Jiang Wuji had a slim chance to break into the Revolving Core realm, but, it was more likely that he would fail.

The one with the greatest hopes of stepping into the Revolving Core realm was currently the Sword Faction’s chief disciple, Jiang Baoyun.

Ouyang Shenxiu couldn’t help but ask Ouyang Guang a question through a true essence sound transmission, “How strong is Lin Ming?”

Ouyang Guang thought deeply about this for a moment and then responded, “He should be equal to a late Xiantian realm master. Just a moment ago, me, Ouyang Boyan, and three other Elders collaborated in a joint attack on him, but we were actually defeated in a single move. And that move should also be Lin Ming’s final decisive ability. “

“Late Xiantian realm…” Ouyang Shenxiu’s complexion sank. Ouyang Guang’s strength was already at the peak of the middle Xiantian realm. Yet even though four other Elders had joined forces with him and combined their attacks, they were defeated by Lin Ming’s counterattack. Lin Ming’s strength had absolutely reached at least the late Xiantian realm!

A 17 year old with strength at the late Xiantian realm! That was simply an unimaginable dream! Within the Seven Profound Valleys, there were nearly 100 Xiantian masters, and over half of them were stranded at the early Xiantian realm. 20 to 30 were at the middle Xiantian realm, and as for those at the late Xiantian realm or extreme Xiantian realm, there were only a mere handful of Elders. In fact, there weren’t really more late Xiantian realm masters than there were extreme Xiantian masters. The Acacia Faction only had two Vice Sovereigns that had been able to reach the late Xiantian realm. They had gone to participate in the South Sea war and still hadn’t returned.

Thus, one could see just how rare the late Xiantian realm was.

If it were possible, Ouyang Shenxiu wouldn’t want to make Lin Ming his enemy. But now he was unable to back down. He had ridden the tiger, and there was no disembarking from this wild ride. If someone were freely allowed to sweep away his Acacia Faction at such an important occasion without any punishment, then how could his Acacia Faction further establish themselves in the future?

Ouyang Shenxiu grit his teeth and said, “Since that’s the case, Ouyang Boyan has already paid a sufficient price. Relinquish this matter and I will no longer pursue it. But, since you forced your way into my Acacia Faction’s greatest peak and also injured so many Elders and disciples, I have no choice but to punish you! Take my three moves. If you can take my three moves, then regardless of whether you live or die, I will consider everything settled.”

“Relinquish this matter and you will no longer pursue it?” Lin Ming’s eyebrows rose and then he sneered. “I am the one that Ouyang Boyan had tried to deal with, just what qualifications do you have to say that you will no longer pursue anything at all? Today, I will take Ouyang Boyan’s life! As for anyone who tries to stop me, from now on they will only be my mortal enemy!”

“Lin Ming!” Ouyang Shenxiu’s complexion was extremely ugly. He had already taken a step back and tried to resolve matters. Although he had said regardless of life or death, the truth was that he didn’t dare to kill Lin Ming. The most he would do was severely wound him. As long as Lin Ming was just injured, he would be fine after resting up. This matter would be settled, and he would also gain face for being able to resolve matters like this. But, he hadn’t expected that Lin Ming would be contemptuous and try to bully others like so. This caused Ouyang Shenxiu to burn with anger.

“Lin Ming, do you really think that there is no one in my Acacia Faction that can stop you!? Good! I had originally planned to just give you a light little spanking, but since you insist on being so arrogant and pushing things beyond your limits, then today I will have to personally see whether or not you can take Boyan’s life!!”

As Ouyang Shenxiu finished speaking, he took a fierce step forwards. His aura erupted, and waves of roiling blood surged out, overwhelming the world!

Whether or it was the Elders or disciples, everyone nearby was forced back by this suppressive aura.

There were already those that had learned their lesson. The lower level disciples had already experienced this before, and besides several Great Elders, all the other disciples launched their fastest movement techniques to flee from the main island to avoid being collateral damage.

Even Ouyang Ming was forced back and retreated all the way to the edge of the main island. As for the proud Liu Xuan from the Fierce Flood Sect, he naturally couldn’t lose face by running. He wanted to stay on the main island, but after looking at the Ouyang Shenxiu’s intimidating aura, he grit his teeth and returned to a pavilion that floated on the water. The shockwaves of Lin Ming’s Thunderfire Annihilation had already forced him to use every bit of his strength to just barely be able to resist it. Now, in the face of this even higher level battle, Liu Xuan realized that he didn’t have the qualifications to stand nearby.

“Lin Ming, you are far too unruly, not respecting others and acting like you can dominate anyone you cross. Even if you have the backing of Divine Phoenix Island, I will still teach you a lesson. In these three moves, I will not hold back. Whether you live or die, that will be the price that you pay!

Lin Ming held the spear horizontally in his hands, silent. His eyes were like the stars in the deep night sky – bright and calm. However, at this time Lin Ming was actually feeling the blood boiling within his body; his fighting spirit was brimming over!

Extreme Xiantian!

Not too long ago, he had believed that those at the extreme Xiantian realm were top masters. Shi Zongtian, Ouyang Shenxiu, Jiang Wuji, which one of these characters weren’t gods among men that could shake the entire Seven Profound territory with but a single word!?

A year and a half ago, facing these characters, he could only vainly look up at them. But now, Lin Ming was standing right in front of an extreme Xiantian master, ready to fight!

When an ant became a fierce tiger, he would look back on the road he walked and inevitably feel vibrant and ambitious after seeing just how far he had come.

“In this battle, by exchanging blows with an extreme Xiantian master, I’ll be able to find out just what martial arts realm a 65% Tempering Marrow boundary can bring me to!”


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