Chapter 421 - Sweeping All Away

Chapter 421 Sweeping All Away.


Chapter 421 – Sweeping All Away

Lin Ming’s strength had already exceeded the scope of understanding of every martial artist present. All of the young heroic elites present that thought to display their skills during this banquet competition suddenly realized that compared to Lin Ming, they were no more than little ants crawling around.

Lin Ming was younger than them, and the difference in their strength was like the heavens and earth; how could they still live knowing this?

At this time in the center of the square, the Acacia Faction Elder Ouyang Guang was bleeding from his nose, and his face was red all over. Previously he said that he would show Lin Ming just how strong a Xiantian realm master was, but now, in just a few moves, he had been injured to the point of bleeding from his nose.

In front of a group of juniors, Ouyang Guang had disgracefully lost!

Lin Ming’s spear shook, and the Purple Comet Spear was pointed directly towards Ouyang Guang’s head. The spearpoint began to twinkle with lightning!

Ouyang Guang’s face turned liver-red, this Lin Ming had gone too far!

For someone as noble and respected as Ouyang Guang, what he most valued was his face. But now, he was actually being provoked by a junior who was pointing a spear at his face!

And on top of that, what was most atrocious was that he couldn’t stop Lin Ming. If he tried to attack him again, the...

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