Chapter 420 - Those Who Block My Path Will Die

Chapter 420 Those Who Block My Path Will Die.


Chapter 420 – Those Who Block My Path Will Die

“Take my life? Hahaha!” Ouyang Boyan richly laughed. “This old man is standing here. I want to see just how you will take my life!”

Lin Ming sneered, not responding. With a shake of the Purple Comet Spear, arcs of lightning began to flash atop the spearpoint!

As Lin Ming took a step at a time towards Ouyang Boyan, his momentum began to increase, solidifying to the limit!

“How presumptuous! Where do you think you are!?” At this time, a dragon-bearded man stepped forwards, holding a nine foot long staff in his hand. This dragon-bearded man came from a second-grade sect, and his talent was also decent. His cultivation was a half-step into the Xiantian realm. But because of his limited resources, had had been trapped at this stage for ten years and hadn’t been able to reach the Xiantian realm.

This time he came to request help from Ouyang Boyan. He had prepared a great number of gifts in order to infiltrate into the Acacia Faction and cultivate the Divine Acacia Power, hoping to find an opportunity to break through to the Xiantian realm.

Since the dragon-bearded man needed help from Ouyang Boyan, he would naturally raise his head at this time to show his utter loyalty.

He simply didn’t know who Lin Ming was, nor did he notice the pity in the eyes of Ouyang Ming, who was looking at him from behind.

However, the dragon-bearded...

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