Chapter 419 - Take Your Life

Chapter 419 Take Your Life.


Chapter 419 – Take Your Life

In the center of the white marble stage, a sword light flashed, and a Seven Profound Valleys disciple gave a miserable cough as he was sent flying off the stage.

“Fierce Flood Sect’s Liu Xuan, victory!” The referee deeply looked into Liu Xuan’s eyes as he announced the result.

“Fierce! This Liu Xuan has won three continuous matches!”

“And he still has strength remaining.”

“The younger generation is really spilling forth with heroic elites. Liu Xuan, Ye Tian, Zhang Yan – all are more powerful than the last.”

“But the truly fierce ones are the masters of the Seven Profound Valleys. The ones that have followed Liu Xuan up are the inner court disciples. Although they lost, the difference between them isn’t too great. If the Seven Profound Valleys’ core disciples or direct disciples enter the stage, then I have no idea what those battles will be like!”

A disciple sighed. Everyone couldn’t help but glance over at Ouyang Ming, and were surprised to see that he had a clear, dreamy expression on his face as if he simply didn’t care about these fights that were occurring onstage.

Obviously, battles of this level – even those including Liu Xuan – simply didn’t enter Ouyang Ming’s eyes.

Those who glanced at him to gave birth to an an extremely deep and profound feeling...

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