Chapter 417 - Towards the Seven Profound Valleys

Chapter 417 Towards the Seven Profound Valleys.


Chapter 417 – Towards the Seven Profound Valleys

“Oh? You’re hungry?” Lin Ming brightly smiled. Hunger meant that she was much better.

Qin Xingxuan nodded, a bit embarrassed. She was hungry and she was also thirsty.

“I’ll cook up something delicious for you, I guarantee you’ll like it.”

After Lin Ming spoke, he lit a fire and took out some pots; he had always brought along cooking utensils in his spatial ring.

He placed a giant pot on the fire and added water. Then, Lin Ming took out a great piece of bright red meat from his spatial ring and tossed it in the pot.

He sprinkled on some salt and spices, and then covered the pot to let it boil.

After a quarter of an hour, a delicious mouthwatering fragrance began to drift out. Lin Ming slowly handed Qin Xingxuan a big bowl. The soft and red meat glittered, and the rich soup was a pale red. It looked like a vintage wine, and also extremely tasty.

After a sprinkle of diced green onions and a dash of cooking wine, not even an immortal could...

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