Chapter 416 - The Feeling of Not Losing Her, How Blissful

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Chapter 416 – The Feeling of Not Losing Her, How Blissful

Ou Xiong died, and it was also a painful struggle before he died. Because his cultivation was high, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder wasn’t able to instantly kill him. But this only meant that he suffered more pain, and in the end, all that was left of him was a dry corpse.

The three arcs of Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder howled as they flew back towards Lin Ming’s hand, and integrated into the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder’s Thunder Soul.

Qin Yao gulped. Such a killing method was extremely eerie, to the point where it made her skin crawl. This was absolutely not the righteous path.

Lin Ming turned around to look at her. Qin Yao jumped. Before she knew it, her hands were wet with sweat.

“Thank you.” Lin Ming said. Lin Ming had seen the moment when Qin Yao had rescued Qin Xingxuan. He imagined that Qin Yao had looked after Qin Xingxuan many times. Otherwise, with her current condition, it was impossible that she would have survived until he arrived to save her.

“This is for you.” Lin Ming took out two bottles of pills from his spatial ring.

When Lin Ming had taken the spatial ring from the South Sea Demon Region’s Saint Son, Lei Mubai, besides the Great Desolate Blood Halberd replica...

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