Chapter 414 - Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe

Chapter 414 Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe.


Chapter 414 – Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe

In an instant, Lin Ming had appeared at Qin Xingxuan’s side, grabbing hold of her waist before she could fall.

At this time, Qin Xingxuan’s body was heartbreakingly frail. She was as light as floating silk, and there was no sense of weight to her.

As Lin Ming looked at Qin Xingxuan’s pitiful appearance, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart, as if his chest were about to burst open.

Nearby, Qin Yao stood stock still like a statue. She looked the youth who was holding Qin Xingxuan in his eyes, and she was completely dazed. “You… you are…”

A name echoed in Qin Yao’s mind. But, how could she possibly believe this!

At this time, Ou Xiong had a charming and affable smile pasted on his face as he rushed over. Ou Xiong had great desires in his heart, he never thought that he would run into an expert like this. If he could form good relations with this expert, then he might be able to obtain great benefits.

Thinking this, Ou Xiong’s smile became even more dazzling and bright. “Senior, many thanks for the graciousness of saving our lives. I wonder what Senior’s great name is…”

As Ou Xiong spoke to here, the rest of his words caught in his throat. He was like a crowing rooster whose throat had been seized by a butcher.

For a time, dismay and fear alternated on Ou Xiong’s face. His...

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