Chapter 413 - An Eternal Instant

Chapter 413 An Eternal Instant.


Chapter 413 – An Eternal Instant

In the skies above Blood Demon Island, Lin Ming stood atop Fireshine’s back. He had the soul jade slip in one hand, and the Purple Comet Spear in the other. He stood upright atop the Vermillion Bird, his long hair scattered in the wind, his murderous intent wantonly overflowing.

Underneath Lin Ming, Fireshine seemed to sense his killing intent. Fireshine gave keening cry, and all the red fog around was burnt to nothingness by flames!

According to the signal from the soul jade slip, he was already very close to Qin Xingxuan. But, the soul jade slip could only sense a vague location within a few dozen miles around. Lin Ming still needed to find her himself.

At this time, Lin Ming had extended his sense to the limit, carefully investigating the area around him. “Mm? A blood demon’s corpse!”

In a mountain valley below, there were several pools of wretched looking blood. These were left behind after a blood demon died and melted away. But judging by the looks of these blood pools, they had been recently killed.

There had been a battle here!

Lin Ming let Fireshine slow down. He stood on Fireshine’s back, closing out all six senses of his body and entering the ethereal martial intent state. Now, there was only his perception left behind. It was like the ripples of a lake...

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