Chapter 412 - The Sound of Broken Jade

Chapter 412 The Sound of Broken Jade.


Chapter 412 – The Sound of Broken Jade

On Blood Demon Island, within the thousand miles of the island, the entire land was covered with a hazy, thick blood-red fog all year round. This fog had magical properties. If it touched a wound, it would be like a leech that dug into a person’s body, corroding their blood essence.

Thus, if someone were to be seriously injured on Blood Demon Island, they would quickly die if they didn’t receive prompt treatment!

At this time, the sun was high in the sky. On Blood Demon Island’s Thundercrest Sect transmission array, there was deafening thunderclap. A blaze of flames scattered out, sending several Houtian disciples that had been defending the location flying away by the forceful and intense winds. Fireshine spread its massive 100 feet long wings and shot into the sky.

“What… this… what is happening!?”

A disciple flew in, his eyes filled with complete disbelief as he watched the giant Vermillion Bird shoot up into the sky. What was going on? How could a Vermillion Bird have come out of their transmission array?

Fireshine was far too fast. In the blink of an eye, it had already turned into a dot in the horizon.

The group of stunned Thundercrest Sect disciples were left puzzled, entirely unsure of what was happening…


“There’s a response from the jade slip…” Qin Ziya looked at the soul jade slip...

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