Chapter 411 - Demon God

Chapter 411 Demon God.


Chapter 411 – Demon God

At the transmission array on the island, there were seven or eight youths, men and women, sitting in a circle.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, what a great harvest! Haha, over 600 medium-grade true essence stones, and also a Blood Demon Crystal. That Blood Demon Crystal is a great treasure!”

Around a unibrow man there were several 20 something year old youths looking at a small wooden crate in front of the unibrow man, their faces full of envy.

This small wooden crate was packed to the brim with medium-grade true essence stones. And on top of the true essences stones, there was a finger-sized gem the color of blood. This gem was the Blood Demon Crystal. This Blood Demon Crystal was the core that an almost 1000 year old Blood Demon had condensed; it was extremely beneficial to Xiantian masters.

The unibrow man was very satisfied with himself, this harvest was truly great. He said, “To be honest, much of this is thanks to this temporary transmission array. Otherwise, it’s impossible for me to have such a high efficiency rate. If I didn’t have this transmission array and also a Golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle to ride, then going back and forth would be a 10 day round trip.

Around Blood Demon Island,...

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