Chapter 410 - Destination: Blood Demon Island

Chapter 410 Destination: Blood Demon Island.


Chapter 410 – Destination: Blood Demon Island




The sea breeze swept past him, and the strings that were broken shivered. Qin Ziya stood up on the beach, still like statue.

This was Lin Ming’s sound transmitting talisman?

Lin Ming hadn’t died!?!?

Qin Ziya was petrified for a long time. The contents of the sound transmitting talisman were very simple. Lin Ming asked about his parents’ situation and whether or not they had received news of his death, and whether anything had happened to them because of a broken heart. Then he left behind a new sound transmission mark and asked Qin Ziya to wait for him on the island. Soon, he would fly over and meet him.

Lin Ming was alive!

Qin Ziya took a few deep breaths to calm himself. Then, he took out a long distance sound transmitting talisman from his spatial ring that was used to report on military situations. He gave a simple and brief summary of the current situation and then with a shake of his hand, the talisman ignited.


10,000 miles away, a mass of flames appeared in front of Lin Ming but was instantly left behind by Fireshine’s terrifying speed. The message briefly echoed in Lin Ming’s ears…

“Lin Fu and Lin Mu are well, there is no need to worry about them....

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