Chapter 408 - Exit

Chapter 408 Exit.


Chapter 408 – Exit

After experiencing a full ten months in the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, the current Lin Ming looked like an utter mess. He was in rags, almost completely naked. Lin Ming had originally brought several sets of clothes to change into in his spatial ring. When his clothes were all torn apart in battle, he would switch them for new ones. Soon, all of them were torn. Lin Ming just left a single set of relatively complete clothes for the time that he would leave this place. Thus, that was why Lin Ming was left but nothing but his body and some rags.

Lin Ming’s hair had originally been long. But now it was scattered and messy, and it had grown longer, reaching just past his waist.

The Palace Spirit floated in front of Lin Ming like a wisp of ghostly fire, and then condensed into a white human face. It had a somewhat surprised expression.

“I passed the smelting trial?” Lin Ming asked the Palace Spirit.

“All that remains before you is the last smelting trial. Before, I had said that if you are still alive by the time you complete the fifth smelting trail, then you would be able to obtain a midway reward, and that I would awake at that time.”

Lin Ming was surprised for a moment, and then remembered that the Palace Spirit had spoken such words at the very start. However, he had been in an incredibly tense and difficult situation where he had slaughtered countless enemies. Because...

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