Chapter 408 - Exit

Chapter 408 Exit.


Chapter 408 – Exit

After experiencing a full ten months in the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, the current Lin Ming looked like an utter mess. He was in rags, almost completely naked. Lin Ming had originally brought several sets of clothes to change into in his spatial ring. When his clothes were all torn apart in battle, he would switch them for new ones. Soon, all of them were torn. Lin Ming just left a single set of relatively complete clothes for the time that he would leave this place. Thus, that was why Lin Ming was left but nothing but his body and some rags.

Lin Ming’s hair had originally been long. But now it was scattered and messy, and it had grown longer, reaching just past his waist.

The Palace Spirit floated in front of Lin Ming like a wisp of ghostly fire, and then condensed into a white human face. It had a somewhat surprised expression.

“I passed the smelting trial?” Lin Ming asked the Palace Spirit.

“All that remains before you is the last smelting trial. Before, I had said that if you are still alive by the time you complete the fifth smelting trail, then you would be able to obtain a midway reward, and that I would awake at that time.”

Lin Ming was surprised for a moment, and then remembered that the Palace Spirit had spoken such words at the very start. However, he had been in an incredibly tense and difficult situation where he had slaughtered countless enemies. Because of this, he had already mostly forgotten these words and relegated them to the back of his mind.

“The fifth smelting trail. I’ve only completed the fifth smelting trial?”

“Yes. Every stage of the smelting trial is very long. You have only one last smelting trial left – the sixth smelting trial. It is the shortest, but it is also the hardest. If you can complete it then you may leave. And at that time… I shall give you the blood of the Ancient Phoenix!” The Palace Spirit deeply and solemnly looked at Lin Ming. If Lin Ming could do so, then he would be the first person who wasn’t from the Royal Family that would have completed this general level smelting trail within a year!

Lin Ming was overjoyed. He finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel! Although his strength had progressed quickly here every day, after going through endless battles and endless trials, all he felt was endless loneliness. Lin Ming had nearly become nothing but a killing puppet. If this continued, there would definitely be a problem with his mental state.

“Now, I shall grant you the reward for passing the fifth smelting trial. Since you have completed it in 10 months, you can obtain the highest rewards. You may choose from the Vermillion Bird blood essence, a cultivation method jade slip, as well as a fire-attribute miracle medicine. Of these three, you may choose one.”

Vermillion Bird blood essence, a cultivation method jade slip, as well as a fire-attribute miracle medicine!

Lin Ming first eliminated the Vermillion Bird blood essence, since he wanted to fight for the Ancient Phoenix bloodline and also because the Vermillion Bird blood essence would only have a limited effect.

Then, he also removed the cultivation method jade slip. Lin Ming didn’t lack any sort of top quality cultivation method.

The fire-attribute miracle medicine seemed to be the best bet. If this was a medicine from the Ancient Phoenix Clan, it definitely wasn’t ordinary. Perhaps it might be able to enhance his Tempering Marrow boundary by another 20 to 30%. If that happened, then his Tempering Marrow would be 80 to 90% complete, and he would be close to Perfection.

However, just to be prudent, Lin Ming asked, “What sort of cultivation method jade slip and fire-attribute miracle medicine is it?”

This was just a random question, but the response of the Palace Spirit caused Lin Ming’s heart to nearly jump out of his chest, and to have a shortness of breath. The Palace Spirit said, “The cultivation jade slip is the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ cultivation method manual. The fire-attribute miracle medicine is the 3000 year Nine Revolution Fire Lotus Grass…”

The first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’!

Lin Ming was beyond shocked.

That’s right, he should have realized this sooner. Divine Phoenix Island’s ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ and ‘Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code’ were both obtained by the founder after she went to the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. That he would be able to obtain the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ within the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was only natural!

The Divine Phoenix Island founder’s ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ that she had obtained was riddled with flaws. According to Lin Ming’s knowledge, there were only the first five layers of the cultivation method!

Even with so many flaws, the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was no worse than cultivation methods from fifth-grade sects!

It had to be known that the higher one went in a cultivation method, the more terrifying its power was. A true and complete ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ would be a top cultivation method even within the Realm of the Gods. Within the legends of the Ancient Phoenix cultivation methods, it was said that after completely practicing it, one could bathe in the fires of nirvana and rebirth themselves, becoming endless and immortal!

If one could really achieve this effect, then he feared that this cultivation method might even surpass the Heretical God Force.

The ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was extremely significant to Lin Ming. Within the memories of those Supreme Elders from the Realm of the Gods, there were many different types of cultivation method manuals. However, not all of them were suited for Lin Ming to cultivate. For instance, ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’. Lin Ming had practiced this for such a long time, and yet had only been able to touch the second layer, and he still struggled. In terms of speed, Lin Ming wasn’t some monstrous genius. Back during the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction Martial Meeting, he had even by suppressed by Jiang Baoyun in speed.

Ultimately, ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’ simply wasn’t a suitable technique for Lin Ming. Much less, Lin Ming didn’t even have wind-attribute true essence fusion compatibility.

But, the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was different. With the support of the Heretical God Force, when Lin Ming practiced the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ he was even quicker than Mu Qianyu.

This miracle medicine would only benefit Lin Ming by himself, and there would always be chances to obtain more rare medicines in the future. But, the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was actually very difficult to find. If he could obtain the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ jade slip, then not only would it help Lin Ming, but it would also help Mu Qianyu, and eventually even Divine Phoenix Island would benefit.

If he took out the first eight layers of this cultivation method, then it was likely that many people of Divine Phoenix Island would go crazy for it!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and then asked, “How many layers does the complete ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ have?”

“Nine layers! However, the final layer is only for the Royal Family; it cannot be rewarded. Therefore, you cannot obtain it.”

Lin Ming felt this was a touch tragic. But still, just the first eight layers was incredible in itself!

“I want the cultivation jade slip!” Lin Ming said without any hesitation.

“As you wish!”

A red light flashed, and then a crimson blood-like jade slip appeared in Lin Ming’s palm. When it touched his palm, it was very warm. It was twice the size of a normal jade slip, and very heavy in his hand.

Lin Ming casually swept through it with his sense, and suppressed the impulse to immediately read it. He first stored it in his spatial ring.

Since there was only one stage left and it was also the shortest, Lin Ming had to rush past it with overwhelming force. Now, he didn’t have the time to practice the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, and his heart wasn’t calm enough to do so.

At this moment, the smelting trail array began to revolve once again!

With a rumbling sound, the earth split and a massive blood red demon with a huge axe appeared, crawling out of the earth.

This demon was 20 feet high, and had chains wrapped all around its body. Its face had two large fangs just like a wild boar, and its fiery crimson hair wantonly hung all over it.

Lin Ming looked in shock. This demon… actually looked very much like the Netherworld Great Emperor!

It was only that this demon was twice the height of the Netherworld Great Emperor, and its skin was a deep red as opposed to the Netherworld Great Emperor’s blue.

“What’s going on here?”

Lin Ming had some suspicions in his mind and wanted to ask the Palace Spirit. But at this time, the white light flashed and the Palace Spirit had already disappeared.

Lin Ming also didn’t bother to think about this. In short, this was an enemy, and he would do everything he could to defeat it!

He wasn’t in a hurry to go onto the battlefield. First, he controlled his breathing and sat down in meditation. He mixed the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal with his own blood essence and swallowed it.

Lin Ming could now absorb an entire Shattered Demon Heart Crystal with ease. He had long gotten used to suppressing the remnant will of the Netherworld Great Emperor. He began the familiar and easy technique of directing the crystal’s energy to temper his marrow……………..


Half a month later, within a remote mountain of Divine Phoenix Island, there was a deafening explosion. Rocks cracked, dirt flew everywhere, and an vortex appeared that had enough strength to send an early Xiantian realm guard flying away!

“Enemy attack!”

“The South Sea Demon Region has arrived!”


It was a scene of chaos. This was a sacred ground of Divine Phoenix Island, and also the fundamental basis for the existence of Divine Phoenix Island that it relied on – the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. For them to encounter the enemy attack here was terrifying.

“You… you are…” The Xiantian realm guard’s mouth dropped down, slack jawed as he stared disbelieving at this youth in front of him. This youth was tall, straight, with a handsome and delicate appearance. His face seemed to have been hewn by sabers, and his two eyebrows were straight and slanted upwards. There was a very clear flame mark between his eyebrows that looked like a natural scar.

This person’s hair was a mess. In comparison, his clothes were fairly clean. The more the guard looked, the more this youth seemed like…

How… how was this possible!?


Dust rose from everywhere. The youth had actually flown into the sky and soared away. His speed was fast enough to shame every Xiantian master present.

“I… I’m not wrong!”

“That youth, didn’t he look like Lin Ming?” The guards present had all seen Lin Ming before when he had first entered the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.

“That’s right. That youth was just a bit taller than Lin Ming, and also has those flame marks between his eyebrows.”

A year ago, Lin Ming was a handsome, somewhat pretty boy. Now, Lin Ming had become a heroically handsome young man.

“Could it really be…”

The complexion of everyone present change.

Lin Ming was alive!?

They hurriedly took out a sound transmitting talisman to report such a massive matter.

Lin Ming’s speed was extremely fast. Before the several guards had passed out the sound transmitting talismans, he had already arrived at Divine Phoenix Island’s Vermillion Bird Main Hall. His speed was amazingly fast, and this was not just because of his outstanding movement technique. I was also because his true essence was too thick; it was thick to the point that even Xiantian masters couldn’t compare to it!

“Who are you? This is a restricted area…halt! You may not enter!” A young woman cried out. She was the guard of the Vermillion Bird Main Hall’s entrance. She drew her sword to block Lin Ming, but a sudden gust of wind stopped her, forcing her back. In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming had already entered the Main Hall.

Lin Ming was incomparably anxious at this moment. He didn’t know what had happened while he was in the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. But, as he listened to the surprised words from the guards, he was able to discern that the South Sea Demon Region had already started its war with Divine Phoenix Island.

First he hurried over to find Mu Qianyu or Mu Yuhuang, to understand out what the present situation was.

Also, Lin Ming worried over another matter, and that was whether or not his parents had received news that he had died. Lin Ming was their only child, and also their only hope. If something had happened to his parents because they thought that he had died, he would never be able to live with the consequences!

By the time Lin Ming entered the Main Hall, the sound transmitting talisman flame had just extinguished in front of Mu Yuhuang.

Mu Yuhuang had learnt what had happened from the guards. Still, she could not believe her own eyes as she watched a 17 year old Lin Ming walk through the entrance!

Looking at the heroic and comely youth that seemed to shine with inner spirit, Mu Yuhuang, who could watch a mountain collapse without blinking an eye, was completely and thoroughly shocked.

Lin Ming had stayed within the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm for a full 10 and a half months, and he had actually survived and come out! Not only that, but his cultivation had actually reached the late Houtian realm!


A 17 year old with a late Houtian realm cultivation!?

Even when Mu Qianyu was the same age she was only at the early Houtian realm!

“Honorable Sect Master.” Lin Ming was in too much of a hurry to bow, “What is the situation now? Do my parents think I have died? How about Senior-apprentice Sister Mu?”

Mu Yuhuang was stunned. She caught her bearings and said, “Yu’er… has gone to the battlefield. As for news of your death, it has already spread…”

Lin Ming’s mind sank, panic almost setting in. He could not imagine what condition his parents were in now. First, he had to immediately find Qin Ziya and see his own parents.


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