Chapter 407 - Rescue Letter

Chapter 407 Rescue Letter.


Chapter 407 – Rescue Letter

Qin Xingxuan’s willowy eyebrows shot up. She grit her teeth, her chest heaving. He fists were tightly balled, but she eventually didn’t punch him.

She knew that her strength was inferior to his, and her influence was also inferior. What could she do? She could only endure this torment!

Ou Xiong glanced at Qin Xingxuan with pity and said, “What, do you think I insulted you or something? The Acacia Faction has many female disciples, we do not lack a Qin Xingxuan! Since you decided to live so haughtily, then ready yourself to die!”

Ou Xiong sneered and then left the hall.

The one left behind was Qin Xingxuan. Her hands shook. If Ouyang Boyan wanted to deal with her grandfather, then that was simply too easy a matter! Ouyang Boyan didn’t even need to do anything! As long as his disciple supported Yang Zhen and fabricated a false charge of plotting rebellion, then the Qin Family would immediately be capsized overnight!

The only hope Qin Xingxuan had was Qin Ziya. She shivered as she took out a long distance sound transmitting talisman from her spatial ring and recorded a message, then lit it…


Several hundred miles away, Qin Ziya was sitting on a sandy beach. He lightly stroked a zither as a mass of flames slowly died out in front of him.

Qin Ziya heavily sighed. He shook his...

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