Chapter 405 - War Begins

Chapter 405 War Begins.


Chapter 405 – War Begins


“Well done!”


The more Lin Ming fought, the more excited he became, and the more he burned with fighting spirit. The wounds on his body kept increasing, but no matter how much blood came out, it was like he didn’t feel anything at all.

As Lin Ming massacred every single puppet, his entire body was slick with blood, and his true essence was depleted.

As he lay prone on the ground, pain coming from all over his body, Lin Ming felt a pleasant satisfaction in his heart.

There were those that were born for battle; Lin Ming was undoubtedly such a person.

Every day, he would cultivate the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ as well as the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’. He would eat, drink, and build up the true essence within his body with the food he ate. When he needed to practice, he would go outside to the battlefield. Like this, time quickly passed.

Lin Ming cultivated without a care of time. But as he continued progressing on the general level smelting trial, there were actually tremendous changes in the outside world.

The war between Divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region had finally erupted!

Although the South Sea Demon Region was a fifth-grade sect, their strength was at the lowest of fifth-grade sects. As for Divine Phoenix Island, they were at the very peak of all fourth-grade sects. Thus, the gap in strength...

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