Chapter 403 - Endless Trial

Chapter 403 Endless Trial.


Chapter 403 – Endless Trial

Mu Yuhuang coldly glared at Yan Yusheng. In normal times, she wouldn’t even bother to play along with his nonsense. But now, facing the pressure from the Council of Elders, she had no choice but to explain, “During the assessment in the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall, bloodline density is the most important influencing factor. In order to obtain greater lucky chances in the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall, one’s bloodline must naturally be more purer!”

“To give Lin Ming great lucky chances, you took the risk and gave him so much Vermillion Bird blood essence? Then what about the other disciples? Their bloodline purity is almost sufficient enough to practice the core sections of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. They put so much effort into their cultivation, all for a single chance to become a fish that passes through the dragon gate. Isn’t this just too unfair...

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