Chapter 402 - News of Death

Chapter 402 News of Death.


Chapter 402 – News of Death

As Mu Qianyu and Mu Yuhuang spoke, a red-robed maid hurried over. Within the quiet and elegant corridors of the Saintess’ Palace, her echoing footsteps rang exceptionally loud.

There was a knock on the door, the sound was still as urgent as before.

Mu Yuhuang slightly frowned, “Enter.”

The red-robed maid opened the great doors. Her face look flustered, and she didn’t bow before saying, “Your Highness Qianyu, Island Master, there has been an accident. Sir Lin Ming has not yet returned from the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm!”


Mu Yuhuang’s eyes widened and she immediately stood from her chair.

As Mu Qianyu heard these words, she couldn’t believe her own ears. Her eyes widened as she simply stared at the red-robed maid, her hands tightly gripped against the armrests of her chair. Because of the strength of her grip, her fingers had gone pale.

“Sir Mu Dingshan and Lady Mu Xiaoqing have returned. 16 people left, and 15 people returned. Only Sir Lin Ming is missing!”

16 people left, 15 people returned, only Lin Ming was missing!

As these words reverberated in her ears, Mu Qianyu felt as if all the strength in her body had been sucked out, and all her feelings were gone. Her heart felt empty, but she didn’t know what this meant.

It was like the world had slowed to a crawl. She was confused, anxious, sad, in complete...

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